Comment Love Weekend Blog Hop (3/25)

It's time for the Comment Love Weekend Blog Hop! If you want some comment love, link up here! Hop around and spread some comments, and get some comment love back on your blog!


How it Works:

Leave Comments and/or Follow on participating blogs, and make sure to mention you are doing Comment Love Weekend.

When you get a comment or are followed from a CLW participant, please comment/follow back and keep the sharing going!

Remember, after linking up, you need to leave some comments on participating blogs to get comments back from other participants

And if you like, grab a CLW button and paste it on your site --the more people joining in, the more comment love that gets shared!

The co-host for this week's blog hop is (drum roll please!):

 LaVonne@Long Wait For Isabella! You will also find an interesting article shared by LaVonne when you visit her fun blog. For example, this week she has posted a very helpful article about Alexa ratings-- (is yours too high??)
So please start your comment love weekend by visiting Long Wait For Isabella !

(Interested in being a co-host, please let me know!)


  1. Thank you for the co-host love. I am excited to find more wonderful blogs this weekend to follow and learn from.


  2. Hi LaVonne! You are so welcome! Happy Hopping!

  3. Thank you for this comment love hop. I love it.
    I added your button on my blog. I have a list of blog hops.
    Have a great weekend

  4. I'm in for some love this weekend!

  5. Ourfamilyworld, thanks for joining up and adding the button!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  6. Hi Yankee Texan! Welcome to the hop!

  7. Thanks Irene! I've tried to post a couple comments to Cupcake Diaries and it just doesn't seem to want to let me...????

  8. Thanks for the hop, added your button to my site hope you can stop by. If you're an iphone fan then ck out my other site I'm a new google & twitter follower of you. =)

  9. I just added a post on my blog with your button. I will be stopping by to say hi to everyone.

  10. One Blonde's Rambling, thanks for linking!! I will def. be hopping by your place!

  11. Hi Drama Queen's Mom!! Happy to 'see' you and will be by your place shortly!

  12. Welcome RetroCollage, and Thanks for linking up with us!!