Could You Be Pregnant and Not Know?

These stories always baffle me. How is it possible to be pregnant for nine months and not have a clue? I simply cannot imagine it. But we've heard the stories from time to time from women delivering babies and not knowing they had even been pregnant. This morning, I read of another such weird but true case.

Juanita Stead, 36, of Port de Grave, N.L., had a surprise ending to 2008--a new baby. Stead says she never knew she was pregnant because she never had any pregnancy symptoms. No morning sickness (well, okay, not all women get morning sickness) but no real weight gain either, she claims. UH? Now that I don't get. Of course I am looking at my still-there baby belly (minus a baby of course!), and wondering how this lady did not notice anything weird happening with her stomach.

"I wore my everyday clothes. No sickness. My regular menstrual period every month," she said in a phone interview with CTV's Canada AM on Friday morning.

On December 31, Stead says she started getting pains in her back. Apparently as the day went on, the pains increased in their intensity. While at a New Years Eve party that night, the pain got so bad she had to be rushed to the emergency room by ambulance.

Stead delivered her surprise baby at 12:31 am Jan.1st--a healthy baby boy weighing 7lbs. 12 oz.

Wow. I guess if you are going to be pregnant, that wouldn't be a bad way to do it. But do you think it would possible to be pregnant and not know it? With all my pregnancies, I pretty much knew I was pregnant before I tested. I guess maybe having a regular period would throw someone off. But what about the baby moving? And other changes the body goes through when you're pregnant?

I don't get it.


  1. I really don't get this either...
    However I do know that it is possible to have your period while you are pregnant... I had it for three months! lol... But still... I can't imagine. It is just too much to wrap my brain around!

  2. I know Amber--it is just too strange. I don't want to doubt anyone, but so much changes with your body when you are pregnant--how can you not feel something is not right, at the very least?

  3. I can't imagine being pregnant and not know it. I was miserable when I was pregnant (as was everyone around me). I have to say, that would not be a bad way to go through pregnancy.

  4. Hee! Hee! I've always wondered about these stories. How do you not feel someone moving around and kicking you those last few weeks?! Are they absolutely numb? I don't buy it--either they are complete idiots or they aren't aware they have a body.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  5. My wife got to be big as a house. Our little man was born 9 pounds and 11 ounces.

    How could someone not know they're pregnant?

  6. I've never understood this, either. Pregnancy does soooo many weird things to a woman's body. How could someone not notice any of those symptoms? Denial...that's more likely! :)

  7. I'm with you. I knew right away. I was sicker than a dog with all four of my girls.

  8. A friend of mine was pregnant and didn't know it either. She delivered the baby at home in bed without waking anyone else in the family up. She was a teenager when this happened so I blame denial. She has since had 2 more kids with epidurals and pain meds. Oh and she is VERY overweight and I can never tell she is pregnant just by looking at her.

  9. While I'd love to go through pregnancies with nary an ache or pain, I just can't imagine being completely clueless. Did you read the article? At the end it said this is the second time it happened to her! I think I would be testing every month for the rest of my life!