Space-Saving Backpack Storage Ideas For Your Home

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Summer vacation is ending soon (but wait, didn't it just start?? ) and alas, it is time to start figuring out how to get organized for back to school this year.

This may sound silly, but one thing that causes me the most stress is figuring out how to keep kids backpacks off the floor. Because we all know that is where kids love to drop them, am I right?

Or worse yet, hearing this familiar refrain from kids every morning before school... 

I have yet to figure out a space for a command center in our home that really works. Our house has an open floor plan. Very very open

It's even hard to find a small wall to use for backpack storage because even that can make our home look cluttered.

But like always, Pinterest has come to my rescue yet again with several cool ideas for hanging backpacks and organization hacks for small spaces that just might work for us. 

Hopefully, one of these backpack storage ideas for where to put kids' backpacks will help you out as well.

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1.  Backpack Over The Door Storage Rack

This backpack rack is an easy way to hang up backpacks so they do not end up on the floor. This storage idea is perfect if you have very little space available for a backpack station (*raising hand*)

You can get one of these hanging over-the-door backpack organizers at Amazon (and they are cheap--under $20 when I checked last!)

2. Turn a hall closet into a backpack station and school supplies center

The Pragmatic Parent

One of my favorite solutions I came across was how to store backpacks in closets! This is a genius way of hanging backpacks up and keeping them out of sight. An unused closet space could become an awesome back-to-school command center. 

I have a perfect closet for this idea that is currently bursting with coats, sweaters, and shoes. After seeing this idea, I am considering moving those things to a new home, and converting the closet into a nice organized command center.

But of course, I first need to figure out where on earth to put all that clutter that is in the closet right now.

If you have a closet to spare, check out the How-To for this project at The Pragmatic Parent.

3. Use Personalized Decor Hooks For Storing Backpacks

Yes, those are towels, not backpacks, hanging on hooks. But I think this could be an awesome backpack station idea as well.

The hooks have personalized tin letters placed above them, so everyone knows just where to put their school bags.

I really like this idea from House Beautiful.  Each hook holds up to 35 lbs. per the product description, so I think these could work as backpack hooks.

4.  Simple Backpack Station Storage For Small Entry Ways 

Buns in a

I absolutely LOVE this simple DIY backpack station. Backpacks and hooks on a small wall by the kids' bedrooms could definitely help keep kids from dropping their backpacks on the floor. 

Backpack hangar ideas like this one would work really well in small entryways as well,  I think.

If you love this look, get the tutorial at Buns in a Row.

5. Use an Inexpensive Coat Rack As a Backpack Station

Megan at Homes I Have Made designed this cute front door backpack drop station area in her home.

In all honesty, this would probably be too much for my small entryway, but I do love her choice for a backpack storage rack.

But that fabric-covered bulletin board. Awesomeness. Seriously, it looks so much better than a regular old corkboard.

Good Luck With Your Back to School Organizing!!

(Here are some easy back-to-school  budget-friendly meals for weeknight dinners that might come in handy for those busy school nights, and some recipes for healthy after school snacks teenagers will even like - I know because my two teenage boys love them!!))

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