Jun 17, 2020

5 Easy Playdough Recipes Without Salt To Make At Home

5 quick and easy homemade playdough recipes for toddlers.  Non-toxic, salt-free playdough little ones can safely play with for hours.

Making easy homemade playdough is always a fun thing to do when the kids are bored. It is cheap ( most playdough can be made with ingredients you already have at home) and easy to make your own playdough.

 And because chances are littler kids are going to eat some of that playdough while they play with it, you may feel better making edible no salt playdough. 

If you are wondering if you can even make playdough without salt, not to worry. There are recipes for easy edible dough made without cream of tartar, wheat, and are salt-free as well. And yep, we are talking about stretchy, squishy, cookie-cutter ready playdough kids will play with for hours!

 1.  Magic Playdough Salt-Free and Flour Free Recipe

This recipe is made without flour or salt and makes squishy dough kids are going to love. Add in some cinnamon and spice to this same easy salt-free dough recipe and make an incredible Apple Pie Playdough Recipe.

2. Simple Homemade Playdough Recipe

This fun natural homemade playdough can be made with or without salt. Either way, this dough recipe is going to provide lots of fun for kids of all ages.

3.  Salt-Free 2-Ingredient Playdough Without Cream of Tartar

This easy quick salt-free dough recipe made with self-rising flour and water is a perfect recipe to make for little ones at home. This recipe may not last as long as playdough with salt and cream of tartar but it is still loads of fun. 

Try wrapping the dough in saran wrap and keeping it in the refrigerator when the kids are not playing with it to help it last longer.

4. 3 Ingredient Edible Playdough (Salt-Free)

The best playdough recipe (well, one of the best anyways) is this amazing edible playdough without cream of tartar or salt! This 3-ingredient playdough no-cook recipe comes out super stretchy and kids will have fun playing with it for hours. 

5. All Natural Safe Edible Playdough (No-Bake, No Salt Dough, No Cream of Tartar Recipe)

Kids are going to have so much fun playing with this simple and edible no-cook playdough recipe. You make this squishy dough with baby rice cereal, unsweetened applesauce, vegetable oil, and food coloring  (totally optional but makes the playdough bright and colorful.) 

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