The "I'm Bored" List of Things Kids and Families Can Do At Home

Coming up with lists of things for kids to do when they announce they are bored and everyone is stuck at home gets kind of tough after a while. For kids and parents.

So here's a list of things kids and families can do at home and everyone is bored and tired of being stuck inside.

(P.S. While some of these things are for bored kids, some ideas are just for stressed-out moms!)

8 Things You Can Do When Everyone is BORED.

1. Make Your Own Dog Treats Recipes / Start a Homemade Dog Biscuit Business

Kids will love being in the kitchen and making homemade dog treats for their furry besties while they stay at home together. This activity may even spark an entrepreneurial spirit in kids ( or you)  and they may want to brainstorm ideas on how to start a homemade doggie treat business. Here are some simple easy dog biscuit recipes to help you get started. 

2. Recycle Empty Tin Cans Into Awesome Fun Craft Ideas. (Get the Kids Involved In This Too!)

We have lots of cans of soups, chili, beans, and veggies in our pantry right now as we hunker down at home. And yea, while we are not going to save every last one, it does feel good to repurpose some of those empty cans. 

This is a fun indoor activity for the whole family. There are so many awesome ideas for tin can projects you can easily find, even fun toys made out of empty cans (with your help)

Here are some fun ways to reuse tin cans to help get those creative juices going. 

3. Make Your Own Homemade Facial Scrub (Because Moms Need Pampering)

Now more than ever moms need a little extra pampering.  If you can't get to the stores to buy your favorite face masks and scrubs, why not have fun making your own facial scrubs at home. You can find tons of recipes for homemade facial masks and scrubs, not mention other beauty recipes that use all-natural ingredients you may have in your kitchen right now. Here are some easy facial and body scrub recipes to help you get inspired. 

4. Get a Headstart on Father's Day With Sweet Easy Homemade Father's Day Gifts Kids Can Make

Making gifts for dad can be a fun way to keep kids busy and happy.  Get out all the craft stuff you can find, and crayons, markers, construction paper, etc. and spend an afternoon making diy Father's day cards and gifts. 

Need some extra cute ideas for homemade Father's Day gifts? Here are 5 easy Father's Day crafts for kids to make this Father's Day that dad is sure to treasure forever.  

5. Start a Weekly Family Skills Challenge

Get the whole family moving with fun indoor skill challenges. And it is easy to put your own spin on it. Come up with a fun new easy skill for everyone in the family to learn and practice throughout the week. At the end of every week, have a contest to see who mastered the new skill the best. 

If you need ideas, you can read my post about ideas for skill challenges and more fun indoor activities for kids to help keep them busy and happy while staying at home.

6. Try Some New Lego Building Ideas

Playing with Legos is clearly not a new idea. But because there are so many fun creative Lego building ideas for kids,  it might be fun to check out some awesome Legos ideas the kids might like to try their hand at building.

7.  Destress Your Hair With a Soothing Homemade Hair Mask

Wistfully wondering when you will get to make an appointment to get your hair done at your favorite hair salon again? While waiting at home, make your own easy all-natural moisturizing hair mask for dry damaged hair.  You may have most of the ingredients in your kitchen already. Relax, sip some green tea, and let the healthy nutrients soak in your hair. 

8. Enjoy a Delicious Summer Mocktail

Enjoy a refreshing non-alcoholic drink that tastes like the real thing but without all the calories. You can relax and sip away on delicious alcohol-free cocktail recipes all summer with no guilt (or extra carbs ) getting in the way.  

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.