5 Simple Diy Sugar Scrub Recipes You Are Going to Love

When you need a gift for someone but money is tight, Diy body and facial scrubs are awesome inexpensive gifts to give! Just be sure you make some extra body scrub recipes to pamper yourself with as well!

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easy homemade body scrub recipes to make at home

Homemade Christmas scented sugar scrubs like peppermint, vanilla, and cranberry-mint are inexpensive DIY gifts you can make for Christmas this year that everyone on your list will love! If you have never tried to make your own natural sugar body scrub before, you will probably be surprised to see just how fun and addicting it can be.

The basic sugar scrub recipe is 75% sugar and 25% oil. Many DIY body scrub recipes use coconut oil, but often you can substitute with whatever oils you have on hand. Then jazz up a simple sugar scrub with natural ingredients that are probably in your kitchen already.

Not only are handmade sugar scrubs healthier and safer than ones you buy at the store, but they are cheaper too! A beautiful festive peppermint scented sugar scrub in a jar makes a fabulous frugal Christmas present for just about anyone on your list this year.

make these easy homemade sugar scrubs using natural ingredients. Give as gifts for Christmas, Mother's Day and Birthdays.

Homemade Whipped Peppermint Sugar Scrub

whipped peppermint sugar scrub recipe

This peppermint sugar scrub recipe has the most amazing scent and makes a perfect handmade Christmas gift.  But why settle for a simple peppermint body scrub when there are whipped peppermint sugar scrub recipes out there??  This recipe for whipped sugar body scrub looks amazing. Make two batches and keep one for yourself and give the other sugar scrub as a gift to your BFF!

Peppermint Chocolate Sugar Scrub Recipe

Peppermint chocolate sugar scrub recipe

It is impossible for me to resist chocolate anything, just ask my family. So a sugar scrub recipe with chocolate as an ingredient is perfect! This chocolate peppermint sugar scrub makes a fun (and frugal) holiday gift for family and friends, but remember to make extra for you to pamper yourself with when the holidays are over.

Cranberry-Mint Sugar Scrub Recipe For Christmas

how to make cranberry sugar scrubs using natural ingredients

If you have extra bags of cranberries in the freezer, use them to make this luscious  Cranberry Vanilla Sugar Scrub recipe. Lather this body scrub on, and say goodbye to dry skin!

 The shelf life for this sugar scrub is about 2 weeks. It will last longer in the refrigerator, just know that the scrub will harden. Placing some in your hands and rubbing it should soften the mixture.

DIY Cinnamon Vanilla Sugar Scrub 

cinnamon vanilla sugar scrub recipe

This recipe for vanilla cinnamon sugar scrub is easy-peasy and perfect for the holiday season. If you have some brown sugar, vanilla extract, and cinnamon in the pantry, you can make this holiday scented body scrub in no time.

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