How To Find the Best Stay At Home Mom Jobs Even if You Have No Experience

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Looking for ways to make extra money from home, and want to find real side jobs you can do from home?

Check out this list of companies that offer home-based jobs that require little or no experience and some do not require a degree. 

Non-Phone Customer Service Jobs (Chat/Email Jobs)

If you have kids and pets and NOISE, no phone jobs from home may be perfect for you.

Here are some popular companies that hire people to work from home providing customer service using chat and email so no phone is required.


Presto Experts

Talk2Rep - No experience needed

OK Cupid

Capital Typing (they have customer service jobs as well as data entry and typing work)

Transcription Jobs

If you have decent typing skills, you might want to consider doing transcription work from home. Even if you are a newbie when it comes to transcription, you can still find work-at-home jobs as a transcriber.

There are transcription companies that hire transcribers with little to no experience. These jobs may pay less at first, but they are a way to get your foot in the door and get experience in transcription so you can move on to better-paying jobs in the future.

You can test your typing skills right now with this free typing test at

And you can even take a FREE mini-course in transcription at Transcribe Anywhere. Just click on the 'courses' tab at the top of the page to get started!

Here are some companies that offer home-based transcription jobs that do not require previous transcription experience.

Ubiqus - Prefers applicants to have some experience, but will consider applicants without experience as well.

Net Transcripts

Literally - You will listen to audio recordings of students reading, and type out the reading errors that are made. Pay is said to be about $10/hour. Experience is not required, but you will need to pass their test which is comprised of six sample readings before you can start working.

Acctron Global - They consider entry-level transcribers. They also offer advancements as your skills improve.

Casting Words - You can join Casting Words today, and get access to the job board right away. You do not need any experience. 

They pay through Paypal every Friday morning. You have the option of letting your earnings accumulate before getting paid or you can request a payout with just one dollar in your account.

This can be a great way to get started if you have zero experience. Casting Words provides a free guide you can use, which will help you as you learn the ropes. It may not be the highest paying work from home job ever, but you can start right away and get paid every week.

If you want to apply, click the freelance tab located at the very bottom of their homepage to get started.

Transcribe Me -  You do not have to have previous experience in transcription to apply with this company. After you register, you will take their online training and exam (no fees of any kind for this short course.) Once approved, you will be able to access the online portal to accept jobs.

Scribie - Experience is not required. You will need to pass their application test to be hired.

BabbleType - This company hires new transcribers with little experience. Pay is weekly via Paypal.

Tigerfish  - Applications are accepted via email only. Part of the application process involves testing, but you can still apply even if you have very little experience.

Speechpad - No experience required. Once approved, you will get instant access to a dashboard with available jobs.

Transcription For Everyone - They hire beginners and offer promotions as you improve your transcription skills.

Rev - Experience not required. You need to take their online grammar and translation test, and they will let you know if you have been accepted within 48 hours. Rev pays every Monday via PayPal.

Earning from Paid Surveys has never been easier

Search Engine Evaluation:

Working from home evaluating search engine results is something you might like if you need a work-at-home job where you can set your own hours. I know several people who work from home making doing this kind of work and love it. There is usually no set schedule so you set your own hours, and since all work is done online, noise is not a problem.

Zero Chaos
Appen-Butler Hill

Telephone Mystery Shopper Work

Making calls from home as a Mystery Shopper does not always require a quiet background. This is because you are calling businesses and acting as an interested potential customer, so normal background noise is not a problem.

Keep in mind that this is more of a side hustle to make extra money, and not really a source for a replacement income. But on the plus side, it is flexible and fun, and no experience is required for these jobs.

Confero You can click the 'Become a Mystery Shopper' tab located on the left side of their home page to get started.

Perception Strategies - They hire both in-person mystery shoppers and phone mystery shoppers. However, they may not always be hiring, so you need to check back often.

Talk2Rep - They hire chat agents as well as customer service. They also seem to have mystery phone agent openings as well from time to time.

Yardi-Matrix - You will be calling apartment communities and asking questions as part of a rent survey. Background noise is definitely okay. Their winter phone survey positions are full, but you can still check them out and sign up for their spring 2018 phone surveys starting in April 2018.


Virtual Assistant Jobs From Home

Working as a Virtual Assistant from home is one of those jobs that can start as a part-time gig, and end up as a full-time job. You can even start your own Virtual Assistant business if you decide you like being a VA. Some of these jobs will be doing tasks mostly online. Others will be working more directly with clients, handling jobs for them like phone calls, making appointments, keeping track of their schedules, etc.

Time Etc. is a website where you tell them what skills and experience you have when you apply, and they will match you with clients. Just keep in mind that you will probably need to show some VA experience to get accepted with Time Etc.

If you do not have any experience, check the list of companies below where you can apply. Most of these will offer smaller online tasks that you can do from home. They will be more open to applicants without experience, and you can choose when and where you want to work.

And should you decide that you would like to start your own business as a virtual assistant, I suggest you check out Horkey Handbook. You will get lots of great information, tips, and advice on how to go about becoming a professional VA!

Fancy Hands
99 Dollar Social
Virtual Gal Friday
VA Sumo
Vicky Virtual
Worldwide 101
Clara Labs
Virtual Office VA Staffing

Personal Stylist

If you love fashion and shopping, become a personal stylist in your free time. Work online in your free time, making money by picking out clothes for customers. To me, this sounds like a perfect scenario~ looking at cute outfits and getting paid! 

Find out how to become a virtual stylist with Stella and Dot, if this is a work-at-home idea you'd like to explore more.

Customer Service

Work-from-home job opportunities in customer service are popping up everywhere these days. Take Babylist, for example. This company hires remote customer service agents to help expectant moms and dads to set up their baby registries. 

This is a full-time job from home and includes weekend hours. So if you need flexibility and work you can do around your schedule, this probably won't be your dream job.

However, if working from home full-time sounds perfect, then here are some other companies that are hire home-based customer service agents.
American Express
Gant Travel
Working Solutions
Working Solution

Work From Home as an ESL Teacher

Consider becoming an ESL tutor and teaching English as a second language. While some ESL companies will require applicants to have a BA degree,  there are also legitimate online tutoring jobs that do not.

You will need a computer, a reliable internet connection, a webcam, and a quiet working area.

VIPKid -  This is a well-known company that hires remote ESL teachers. There are some requirements to be hired with VIPKid, including a bachelor's degree.

Cambly - Cambly ESL tutors do not need to have a degree or experience. Pay is every Monday, and the pay rate is $10.20 per hour. Work may be inconsistent though so you may want to consider this as more of a side gig for extra money.

Rosetta Stone - Their website states that a Bachelor's Degree is required to apply.

Remote Jobs For Writers

One of the most flexible ways to make money from home is by doing freelance writing. There are lots of sites that will pay you to write articles for them. I highly suggest using a free grammar checker like Grammarly if you do any freelance writing.

I use Grammarly and I absolutely love it. It automatically checks your writing for spelling errors and grammar mistakes and gives you suggestions as well. Did I mention this is a free service??

Here are a few places where you can get paid to write articles. There are many more, of course, but I picked these sites because the audience they write for is primarily moms.

Other places where you can try your hand at freelance writing:

Writer Access

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