Home-Made Valentine's Day Desserts Everyone Will love

Home-Made Valentine's Day Desserts Everyone Will love
Valentine's Day Desserts

15 Easy Crafts To Make At Home That Make Money

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15 crafts to make and sell starting today!

easy ideas for sewing crafts and making crafts to sell to make extra money. Craft ideas and things you can make to sell on Etsy.

Have you thought about how fun it could be to make and sell crafts to make money, all in your spare time?

To me, anyway, that sounds like one of the coolest side jobs you can do from home to make extra money.

An easy way to get started might be to brainstorm all the things you love and then create a list of things to make and sell that you would love to buy yourself.

Earn Extra Online, Anytime Anywhere

For example, if you love dogs, why not come up with fun dog crafts to make and sell?  If you have a passion for books, there are some easy ideas for things to make and sell to other book lovers. Have lots of empty tin cans you would love to upcycle? Recycle cans into cute fun decor items and sell them at swap meets and craft fairs. This post has some easy DIY tin can crafts to make money.

Most easy DIY craft projects you can make at home have detailed easy step-by-step instructions. So do not worry if you don't consider yourself to be a crafty sort of person! 

You can find ideas for things to make and sell using items you already have at home, or with inexpensive items, you can buy at dollar stores.

If you are already a DIY-er, then taking the next step and starting your own side job at home making and selling awesome creative things people want to buy will be a piece of cake!

What Types of Crafts Make Money?

You may want to start with simple easy things to make and sell. And that is great because some of the easiest cheapest crafts to make are also things that sell well.

Pet owners are always looking for cute pet crafts that are unique and personalized. Do some research online to find out what pet products are popular with pet owners to help get started.

Other ideas for crafts to make and sell include natural organic soaps, fun hair accessories, homemade baby clothes and products, and practical everyday accessories 

Green earth-friendly handmade home decor and crafts are also popular things you can make and sell.

If you are trying to decide which crafts are popular to make and sell to make extra money, consider craft ideas from these categories.

1. Easy Hair Accessories To Make and Sell

Custom Bobby Pins 

Such a cute easy craft for making and selling, right? All you need to make these fantastic handmade hair accessories are bobby pins, a hot glue gun, and cheap gemstones

You can find inexpensive gemstones on Amazon or use costume jewelry laying around the house that you never use. Another good place to find inexpensive costume jewelry is at garage sales and thrift shops)

Custom-made bobby pins are small and easy to package and mail to customers as well if you sell them online. 

Here's an easy tutorial to get started.

2. Kids and Baby Items To Make and Sell 

 Baby Burp Cloths

Made Everyday

 Handmade Baby Burp Cloths may be one of the easiest sewing crafts to make and sell online at sites like Etsy and eBay. 

If you love to sew, this could be a great idea for something cheap to make and sell from home.

Check out how you can make easy baby burp cloths  at home to sell online.

 Dinosaur Toothbrush Holder

DIY Crafts to make and sell, DIY Dinosaur Toothbrush Holder for kids to make and sell
All This For Them

Make and sell custom toothbrush holders for kids like this cute dinosaur toothbrush holder for kids.  

Get creative and design fun customized toothbrush holders for kids to sell online at sites like Etsy.

3. Practical Everyday Accessories To Make and Sell

 Yarn Pom Pom Bookmarks

An easy thing you can make and sell without needing a lot of money for supplies is cute yarn ball bookmarks.

And best of all,  these cute pom pom yarn bookmarks are easy to pack and ship to customers. No bulky packages. 

( These soft yarn bookmarks also make perfect DIY gifts and could make fun inexpensive stocking stuffers for Christmas! )

 Key Fobs  

Handmade Key Fobs are another easy craft idea if you are looking for something cheap, quick, and easy to make and sell to make a little extra money in your spare time.

4. Eco-Friendly Home Decor To Make From Home and Sell

 DIY Eco-Friendly Coasters

The Crafty Gentleman

Selling Eco-friendly products like unique handmade coasters are some of the best things you can make to sell right now. 

Anything green made with earth-friendly sustainable materials is a hot-selling item, and definitely something to consider when deciding what things to make and sell for money. 

Need a little inspiration?

5. Wood and Pallet Craft Ideas

 DIY  Rustic Pallet Picture Frame

Wooden Pallet home decor projects hot items to make and sell right now.

This charming handmade wood pallet picture frame is one of the best popular easy and inexpensive things you can make to make money.

If this craft idea is something you would want to make and sell, now is the perfect time to start making pallet frames so that you are ready to sell your products in time for the holidays.

 DIY Rustic Wood Wine Rack 


Rustic crafts like this beautiful DIY wood wine rack  always sell well at Christmas time when people are looking for unique handmade gifts to give.

I love the cute chalkboard labels - a definite extra touch to add if you decide to make this DIY project.

6. Easy Clothespin Crafts To Make and Sell

Handmade Clothespin Wreaths

DIY Handmade Clothespin Wreaths are some of the easiest crafts to make and sell for Christmas and Halloween.

Luckily, people love to buy unique handmade wreaths all year long, so making wreaths can be a fun way for stay-at-home moms to make extra money throughout the year.


How To Make a Sunflower Clothespin Wreath

 Make Clothespin Worry Dolls

Worry Dolls made with clothespins are another super easy craft to make and sell. 

Check out Etsy to find inspiration for making your own Clothespin Worry Dolls to sell ( remember to put your own spin and creativity into your designs) and even doll accessories to make as well.

7. DIY Natural Organic Soaps

 How To Make Organic Natural Handmade Soaps

If you love natural healthy skin products, it is easy to learn how to make your own natural organic soap at home to sell online.

You can start your natural soap-making business by reading about organic healthy ingredients for homemade soap without lye that is good for your skin and is Eco-friendly.

Find or create your own easy organic natural soap recipe and sell it online at sites like Etsy, You could also start a blog about safe homemade natural products, and sell your handmade soaps on your blog.

 Some Ideas for Easy Organic Soaps You Can Make at Home

8. Homemade Eco-Friendly Candles 

Everyone loves candles, especially safe non-toxic candles made with natural ingredients.

So if you are thinking of making candles to sell and make money, learn how to make scented natural non-toxic candles without Paraffin (which gives off unhealthy chemicals.)

Here are some naturally scented handmade candles everyone will love!

9. Handmade Pet Crafts To Make and Sell

 Healthy Organic Homemade Dog Treats

People love to pamper their pets with special goodies and are always on the lookout for unique and healthy pet treats.

If you love to bake, maybe try baking healthy dog treats and birthday cakes to sell to pet owners. 

Using organic natural ingredients in your homemade pet treat recipes will make them stand out to pet parents who are looking for healthy natural food and treats for their pets.

Here is an article with information about regulations for making and selling dog treats from home to help you get started setting up your pet brand dog treat business from home.

And here are some easy healthy dog treat recipes to help you get started!


 Pet Clothes and Accessories

If baking dog biscuits is not your thing, you could make adorable fun clothing for dogs and cats from home. 

You can save money making cute pet clothes at home by recycling clothes your kids have outgrown into cute handmade pet outfits. And be sure to check thrift shops and garage sales for cheaply priced clothing and material.

You could also keep things simple by focusing on one pet clothing accessory to make, like pet bandannas. which use less fabric than other pet clothes. 

Personalized dog bandannas are easy things you can make and sell quickly

Here are some more ideas for dog things to make and sell:

Organic Pet Shampoo
Personalized Pet Leashes 
Unique Pet Collars
Custom pet tags, 
Customized pet food bowls
Personalized Jars for Pet Treat 
Custom-made pet beds.

Get inspired with these easy DIY pet fashion ideas.

10. DIY Jewelry Crafts

 Wire Wrapped Rings

Unique and creative handmade jewelry is always a popular item to sell.         

Easy wire-wrapped rings are easy to make and could be a fun inexpensive way to start a jewelry business from home. 

And if you have tweens or teenagers, they might enjoy making this fun craft project as well.