9 Easy DIY Front Door Christmas Wreath Ideas That Look Amazing

 Easy DIY Christmas wreath ideas you will love. Super cute ideas for wreaths like a snowman and candy cane wreath ideas, that are simple to make and perfect to hang on your front door (or anywhere you want to hang a wreath in your home.)

Easy christmas wreath ideas for front door

So here we are in November, and instead of thinking about Thanksgiving dinner ideas and cute Thanksgiving kid desserts that even the grown-ups will ooh and ahh over, I cannot stop thinking about Christmas. 

I am already thinking about decorating ideas for our house that won't break our budget, and figuring out where to put our Christmas tree this year. 

Is it bad that I am already itching to take down our fall wreath on the door ( which I really do love) and hang our holiday wreath on the door! 

To me, that is like the first step towards saying it is officially the Christmas season!

Check out this cute DIY Snowman Christmas Countdown Calendar For Kids 

If you have only used store-bought Christmas wreaths before, and have no idea how to make a Christmas wreath from scratch, (but kind of want to give it a try this year) take a peek at fun creative DIY Christmas wreath ideas. 

I promise you will love these cute DIY Christmas wreath ideas. Not to mention making your own Christmas wreath for your door is often cheaper than buying pre-made ones at the store. 

Go ahead. Take a peek, and get ready to officially welcome the holidays at your house too!

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1. Simple Fun Candy Cane Wreath

This cute easy candy cane Christmas wreath idea is quick and easy to make and is going to save you money (which is always a good thing at Christmas time.) Seriously, all you need to make this wreath are candy canes and a hot glue gun. 

Add a cute holiday decoration in the middle of the wreath and you are ready to make your front door fun and festive for the holidays.

This creative simple wreath idea is from Trendy and Wild, you can see that post here

Martha Stewart also has step-by-step directions for a similar version of this Candy Cane Wreath you may want to check out as well.

2. How To Make A Clothespin Wreath 

I love this cozy holiday wreath for the front door.  This Christmas wreath is quick and inexpensive to make. All you need to make this wreath is a metal hoop wreath ( you can get one on Amazon for around $10 or so, usually) a package of clothespins, and paint.

3.  DIY Peppermint Candy Christmas Wreath

I posted about this incredibly fun and festive homemade Peppermint Christmas wreath last Christmas, but I wanted to include it again in this list because it is so cute! All you need to make this easy DIY wreath are Peppermint candies, an inexpensive styrofoam wreath, white or red duct tape, and floral wire.

4.  Star Cookie Cutters Wreath

You know those Christmas cookie cutters that are in your kitchen drawer? Repurpose the star-shaped cookie cutter designs into this adorable holiday wreath. You can make this simple star wreath idea quickly, and it would make an adorable holiday decoration to hang on a kitchen wall. Of course, it would also be a perfect Christmas wreath for the front door to welcome your holiday guests. All you need are cookie cutters in the shape of stars, silver paper clips, and red twist ties. A sprig of evergreen at the top of the wreath adds just the right Christmasy touch.

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5. Fresh Evergreen Wreath 

So it can't really be Christmas without the scent of fresh pine in the air. Am I right?? You can learn how to make a homemade Evergreen wreath to hang on your front door in no time that is going to look as wonderful as it smells!

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6.  Moss Wreath 

This gorgeous Moss wreath for Christmas is another easy homemade holiday wreath that is going to look beautiful on the front door. All you need to make your own wreath is a foam wreath form, a bag of moss, your trusty hot glue gun, and a pretty red ribbon to add a splash of festive Christmas color.

7.  Recycled Socks Wreath

Put old socks to good use by making this unusual rustic Christmas wreath. This DIY holiday wreath idea comes from Northstory, and I absolutely love it! The author used socks, a couple of embroidery hoops, yarn, her hot glue gun, some red and green felt, and a cute wooden Christmas sign she found at a thrift store to make this recycled sock wreath for under $10. I am pretty sure these are more on the mini-wreath size, which would make them awesome homemade Christmas tree decorations. But I imagine you could also make these wreaths larger so they would work perfectly as front door wreaths too.

You gotta love the idea of using old socks to make a cozy fun Christmas wreath, am I right??

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8.  Holly Berry Striped Christmas Wreath

This is one of the cutest and merriest DIY front door wreath ideas I have seen yet. The good news is that as cute as it is, it is also a very easy wreath to make (and maybe even sell, if you are looking to make and sell Christmas wreaths this year.)

In the meantime, how cheery and welcoming will this red and white wreath look on your door this Christmas?

9.  DIY Snowman Wreath

Kids are going to fall in love with this extra-special DIY Snowman Wreath this Christmas!  You can make this quick easy holiday wreath in no time, and no doubt this sweet snowman will become one of the most loved homemade Christmas decorations ever.

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