Jan 6, 2020

Easy Dinner Ideas For Kids (And the Rest of the Family!)

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Fun easy weeknight dinners to make for kids (including picky eaters). And even though these recipes are especially kid-friendly, the whole family will enjoy these delicious dinner ideas as well! Want even more dinner ideas for kids? Check out these easy frugal family meals as well!

Easy Summer Dinner Recipes For Kids.

I have put together a quick roundup of super easy family dinner ideas that are inexpensive and easy to make. Most of these recipes are made using a few ingredients (kid-friendly stuff only) and are meals you can have on the table quickly and easily. Perfect dinner ideas for busy weeknights. 

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Having picky eaters myself (My youngest is 13 and still picky as ever) I know what it is like to try and find recipes kids will like and eat. So here is hoping that at least one of these recipes becomes a kid favorites meal in your house.

8 Easy Kid-Friendly Dinner Recipes For Busy Weeknights (Or Lazy Weekends)

Ten Minute Pizza Bake Casserole

Image Courtesy of Perfection Pending

This quick pizza bake casserole is a super easy kid-friendly recipe worth saving. All you need to make this recipe are refrigerator biscuits, pizza sauce, and some mozzarella cheese.

Of course, you can add in any extra pizza toppings kids love like pepperoni. But even without any extra toppings,  this pizza bake casserole tastes delicious. Add a salad or cut-up carrots with ranch dressing to add an extra bit of healthy to the meal.

Cheeseburger Biscuit Cups

Image Courtesy of Together As Family

I absolutely love muffin tin recipes. They are my favorite go-to kids meal ideas because they are super easy fun dinners kids will love, even picky eaters (because everyone loves eating with their hands, right?) Hopefully, these easy cheeseburger biscuits will become a family favorite dinner idea in your house.

Sloppy Joe Cornbread Casserole

Image Courtesy Of Mostly Homemade Mom

Kids and grownups will love this delicious cornbread sloppy joe casserole. It is warm, filling, and it just tastes so yummy. Best of all, it is a kid-friendly healthy dinner that is very inexpensive to make.

Ultra Crispy Baked Chicken Nuggets

Image Courtesy of Gimme Some Oven

Gimme Some Oven has a wonderful gluten-free crispy baked chicken nuggets recipe absolutely worth trying. You only need 3 ingredients and about 20 minutes to make these healthy crispy chicken nuggets.

Pizza Stuffed Shells

Image Courtesy of Dinner At The Zoo

Pasta Shells filled with gooey yummy pizza goodness inside. A family-friendly dinner idea that should have everyone smiling, even picky eaters might be tempted to try this recipe.


Easy Meatball Subs

Image Courtesy of Real Mom Nutrition

This easy dinner idea is perfect for busy nights when everyone is on the run. If you have a package of frozen meatballs in the freezer and some spaghetti sauce, you can have delicious easy meatball subs ready in 30 minutes. 

One-Pot Chicken and Broccoli Pasta

Image Courtesy of Salt and Lavender

One-pot dinners are awesome, and this easy healthy chicken and broccoli pasta recipe will make everyone in your family happy. Especially your food budget. 

Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Roll-Ups

Image Courtesy of Julie's Eats and Treats

Ahh, to me, this Chicken Alfredo Lasagna Roll-Ups recipe is like the queen of comfort food! Lasagna noodles covered in creamy Alfredo garlic sauce and filled with chicken (if you prefer a vegetarian option, skip the chicken. The creamy Alfredo garlic sauce and mozzarella cheese will keep you plenty happy. Like, really really happy.)

Make this casserole a day ahead, so it will be ready to pop in the oven the next night for a delicious hearty family dinner.