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What is better on warm summer evenings than delicious easy dinners for the whole family you can throw together, that the kids will actually eat and enjoy? 

(And if you have family members or kids that don't like to eat meat, these easy vegetarian grillable recipes for summer  are healthy and delicious and easy to cook on the grill.)

healthy summer dinner recipes for kids

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I know, "Throw Together?" "Delicious?" "Kid-friendly dinner?" All in the same sentence, these descriptions sound, well, can we say, not realistic??

But hang on, don't shake your head, and leave just yet. Give me a chance to show you some healthy fun family dinner ideas for summer that really will have you thinking, "Hey, just maybe this gal is not crazy after all!

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And...I have some of the best grilled cheese recipes for you too....just saying.

Melted grilled cheese sandwiches on toasted bread

Come on, give me a chance. I promise if you do not find something on the list you want to make, then you don't ever have to come back (but I hope you will because I have some deliciously easy summer mocktail recipes and light refreshing pasta salads for summer I think you will love!!)

Mini Mac and Cheese Cups, Pepperoni Pizza Puffs, Tacos made in Ice Cream Cones, and hamburger mini cups

1. Taco Cones

Waffle Cones filled with taco meat and seasonings
Photo: Two Healthy Kitchens

Okay, what do 'ya think? Kids love ice cream cones, so why not dinner served in a waffle cone??  This fun creative taco cones recipe should intrigue even the pickiest of the pickiest eaters. Even adult picky eaters. 

Scoop some creamy homemade dairy-free pumpkin ice cream into waffle cones for an extra-special dessert!

2. Pepperoni Pizza Puffs

Pepperoni and Cheese Muffins

This quick and easy recipe for pizza puffs looks and is such a fun way to spice up a traditional pizza night.

Add your family's favorite pizza ingredients and watch these cheesy pepperoni pizza puffs disappear like magic.

3. Rainbow Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad in a large bowl filled with apple slices, strawberries, melons, and kiwi slices
Photo: Cooking Classy

Make this healthy rainbow fruit salad with sweet honey-lime dressing for an easy kid-friendly summer side dish.

Even fussy eaters are bound to get at least some healthy fresh fruit in them. 

Add some corn on the cob and barbeque chicken for a delicious and healthy summer family dinner idea.


4. Cheeseburger Cups

cheeseburger burger muffins with pickles and cheese
Photo Credit: Ethan Calabrese

Forget the plain old hamburger bun and instead, make this muffin tin cheeseburger recipe. Kids are going to love this recipe because, after all, what is better than enjoying a no-fork-needed dinner?

5. Salmon Fish Sticks

Salmon Fish Sticks on a Plate
Picture Courtesy of A Sweet Pea Chef

If your kids love frozen fish sticks (maybe you have a box of frozen fish sticks in your freezer right now?) then definitely consider making super-healthy homemade salmon fish sticks.

Keep in mind that typically even the healthiest frozen fish sticks do not contain the same amount of Omega 3 Fats as salmon does. That is because store-bought fish sticks are usually made from cod, haddock, or pollock, which are all fish that contain less Omega-3 than salmon.

If you love salmon, chances are your kids will love salmon too.  Give it a try, because really, why not?

6. Mini Chicken Sloppy Joe Recipe

Mini Sloppy Joes on Bite-Sized Buns and Bowl of Sloppy Joe Mix
Photo Credit: Ryan Dausch

Mini Sloppy Joes make a quick summer dinner idea for kids. Which is perfect when you would rather be outside enjoying a cool summer evening than inside cooking a complicated dinner.

You can freeze cooked meatballs for up to two months, as well as the sauce for the Sloppy Joes (just freeze them in separate containers.)

Besides being super easy to make, these mini sliders are fun kid-sized food that even picky eaters will be tempted to try.

7.  Easy Cheesy Taco Roll-Ups

Cheese and seasoned ground beef and pizza sauce all wrapped in pizza dough

Cheesy taco roll-ups are a super easy meal for families on the move this summer. They are made with seasoned ground beef but you can easily substitute the beef with ground turkey or vegetarian hamburger as well.

The only other ingredients you need are pizza dough (frozen will work just fine!) and cheese. Of course, if there is other good stuff you would like to add, go for it!

8.  Mini Macaroni and Cheese Bites

Mac and Cheese made in mini muffin tin cups
Photo Courtesy of Old House to New Home

This muffin-tin recipe for mini macaroni and cheese bites is made with herbed cheese and pasta. It is a perfect meal idea for kids who love finger foods (I do not know any kids who do not like finger foods) and a quick dinner idea for busy moms.

Even better, mini macaroni and cheese bites can be prepped ahead of time. Just keep them refrigerated until you are ready to pop these cheesy muffin delights in the oven.

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9.  Easy Chicken and Tomato Pesto Spaghetti 

Skillet filled with pasta, tomatoes, spinach leaves for a summer pasta dinner kids will love
Photo: Picky Palate

This deliciously healthy chicken and tomato pesto pasta will be a kid favorite recipe because we all know kids love plain and simple when it comes to food.

(And if tomatoes are an 'ick' factor in your house, just skip them. It's all good.)

If you are looking for easy kid-friendly family casserole ideas, put this recipe at the top of your list.

10. Waffle Grilled Cheese Recipe

Grilled melted cheese in-between two toasted waffles
Picture: Feast

Waffles make a fun twist on traditional grilled cheese sandwiches. 

You can use homemade waffles, but frozen waffle grilled cheese sandwiches will more than likely be a hit as well with kids if you are looking for a quick dinner idea.

Just an FYI, this particular waffle grilled cheese recipe includes an herb cheese spread, which although sounds amazing for grown-ups, you may want to skip if making these sandwiches for kids.

healthy easy kids summer dinner ideas

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