4 Easy Budget Friendly Dinners When You Have No Budget

Cheap easy healthy family dinner ideas on a budget. These are yummy easy-budget meals for weeknight dinners that even picky kids will enjoy!


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I don't know about you, but at my house these days, I am trying my best to find ways to save extra money for Christmas. 

This means my already tight food budget is being stretched even more than usual as I try to come up with some of the cheapest meals to make that are healthy and delicious.

Honestly, more money is spent on food at our house than on anything else, it seems.

This month, I have to find ways to cut back on how much I spend on groceries or my holiday shopping budget will go out the window. 

A quick easy way to save money on groceries I am doing is by challenging myself to find dinner recipes I can make using food I already have at home. Yep, those forgotten-about frozen veggies and neglected pantry staples will save you money, if you let them, not to mention saving you trips to the grocery store.

And anytime I can skip the grocery store and still get a decent healthy cheap weeknight dinner on the table my family will eat that night, I look like this:

Since I have used most of my budget meals for weeknight dinners already, I had to look around (thank you Pinterest!!) for more ideas.

And, Pinterest did not disappoint. I have some new recipes that are cheap healthy and filling and my picky kids love!!

Check them out! They may look like simple recipes, and yeah, they are. But....my kids loved them and these are cheap healthy meals you can add to your collection of family dinner menu ideas that will save you money!!

4 Cheapest Healthy Weeknight Dinners To Make On A Tight Budget

1. Homemade Pizza (Made With $1 Homemade Pizza Dough)

I realized as I made my merry way through the web, that making homemade pizza at home is much cheaper than buying a frozen pizza or ordering pizza. I mean, I really kind of knew this, of course, but just always pushed this little fact way back in my mind because it is just so much easier to pick up the phone. 

Yep, I am the worst when it comes to getting on a budget and sticking to it, don't ya know.

But after spending time visiting An Oregon Cottage, I came across Jami's under $1 homemade pizza dough recipe, and I knew I had to change my pizza ordering ways

This pizza dough recipe is fantastic, and I heartily suggest you check it out if you don't have an amazing easy homemade pizza dough recipe yourself already.

Making pizza dough at home is easy, quick, and cheap. If all you have in your pantry is a can of tomato sauce and some spices, whipping up a simple pizza recipe will be a breeze. 

Of course, you can always make it fancier with more ingredients, but heck, as far as kid-friendly dinner ideas go, a basic homemade pizza is one of the easiest meals to whip up that kids love.

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2. Black Bean Veggie Burgers 

Picture from HappyHerbivore.com

Easy quick-to-make black bean burgers are one of the best meals to make for your family if you are on a budget. And a healthy veggie burger recipe is a delicious alternative if you are trying to eat less red meat. 

The only ingredients you need to make this quick black bean burger recipe are black beans, oatmeal, ketchup, mustard, and some spices. That is it. You may have those ingredients in your pantry right now.

This is a cheap kid-friendly dinner the whole family will love.

Seriously, you need to try this recipe from Happy Herbivore. It is cheap. It is healthy. And it is so easy!

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3. Easy Healthy Taco Casserole

If you love filling casserole-style dinner ideas for kids that the rest of the family will love too, then you must try this Taco Casserole recipe from Amy at Chew Out Loud

This hearty dish is perfect for when you need to make dinner for a large family on a tight budget. 

 If you love a good easy casserole recipe even picky eaters will eat, here are some of my favorite kid-friendly healthy casserole recipes to check out.

4. Savory Minced Meat and Noodles Dinner

Picture from Kidspot.com

My boys gave this recipe two thumbs up (which believe me, is not something that happens a lot in this house.) And the best part - is you can make this dinner for about $10!

Besides the ground beef, you need noodles (hint: try using Top Ramen noodles in this recipe) canned peas, carrots, and onion. Add salad or dinner rolls for a quick healthy cheap family dinner.

(side note: I used veggie crumbles instead of ground beef, and this dinner was delicious all the same!!)

And if you are serving dessert, you may want to try one of these easy 2 ingredient desserts!

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