Apr 16, 2021

Healthy Skillet Chicken Recipes For Easy Family Dinner Anytime

12 quick kid-friendly dinner recipes for busy parents (or for those days when you are feeling lazy, tired, and hungry and yet still have to feed yourself and your crew). 😋 Seriously, we can never have too many easy family dinner ideas for kids, because they may love eating something one day, and then turn their back on that same recipe the next day. 

These quick easy skillet chicken meals for families have minimal prep time, use healthy ingredients, and are perfect dinner ideas for picky eaters that will only eat chicken (for every. single. meal.)

Easy Chicken Spinach Pasta

A deliciously healthy and simple chicken pasta everyone is going to love. Yummy seasoned chicken with spinach and pasta is a hearty healthy dinner ready for the table in a flash.

One-Skillet Chicken Brushetta

A Sweet Pea Chef

Perfect seasoned juicy chicken breasts in a pan covered in gooey melted cheese is a quick family dinner idea even picky eaters are going to love, so you may want to make extra!

Easy Pan Chicken Fajitas

Together As Family

Mouth-watering one-pan chicken fajitas make a quick meal that is ready in 30 minutes or less. 

This delicious easy kid-friendly dinner is full of tender chicken bites with savory seasonings and veggies. Add some fluffy warm tortillas to make these quick and easy skillet chicken fajitas a family favorite meal everyone is going to love.

Stir-Fried Chicken and Bok Choy

A Mindful Mom

If a light low-calorie healthy meal is what you are looking for, then this nutrient-packed chicken recipe is perfect.

This healthy one-pan recipe is full of flavor and easy to make. Add some steamed rice if you like, or skip the extra calories and eat it just as is. 

Either way, save this recipe for those busy weeknights when you need a healthy quick dinner to fill up your family.

Skinny Orange Chicken

Chew Out Loud

An easy peasy mouth-watering orange gazed chicken recipe makes a sweet-spicy dish for family weekend dinners or a yummy change-up for busy weeknight dinners.

Just add some rice to this delicious one-skillet skinny orange-glazed chicken dish, and you will have a happy family enjoying dinner in 30 minutes!

 One Pan Lemon Chicken and Potatoes

Chelsea's Messy Apron

Once you learn how to make easy one-skillet lemon chicken and red potatoes it will become one of your favorite go-to family dinners. (I think, anyway😋)

An easy healthy family meal made with a handful of ingredients like chicken, carrots, and red potatoes even picky eaters will want to eat. Best of all, this simple one-skillet dinner takes less than 30 minutes to make. What is not to love?

One-Skillet Chicken Con Queso

The Cookie Rookie

If you have cheese lovers in your family, one-skillet Chicken con Queso is going to be a huge hit.

Cheesy rice, taco-seasoned chicken, and spices like cilantro and pico de gallo make this skillet cheesy chicken recipe a family meal that everyone is going to love. Just be sure to make enough for second helpings!

Healthy One-Skillet Chicken and Spinach 

Taste of Home

Make this easy quick chicken and spinach skillet recipe for dinner when you feel lazy and hungry at the same time😋.

It just might become your family's favorite fast home-cooked healthy meals


Perfect Stovetop Juicy Chicken Breast Recipe

The Kitchn

Somedays you just don't want to turn on the oven and sit around waiting for it to preheat. You may feel more like grabbing a skillet and making a quick easy dinner on the stove.

This one-skillet tender chicken breast recipe is perfect for those kinds of days. Believe it or not, you only need to turn the chicken breasts over one time.  

While this recipe will work well in a deep nonstick skillet, if you have a cast-iron skillet, that would probably be even better. Either way, the chicken comes out tender and juicy inside, and brown and golden on the outside.

One-Pan Chicken Fajita Pasta

The Gingered Whisk

All you need is about 30 minutes to make savory taco-seasoned chicken and pasta in the skillet.

The flavorful seasonings and tender bite-sized chicken makes this a kid-friendly meal even the pickiest eaters will eat!

One-Dish Italian Chicken 

The Blond Cook

This healthy low-carb chicken recipe is full of flavorful veggies in an incredible savory sauce

I mean, doesn't that picture make your mouth water just a little?  Add a salad, pasta, or rice  (yes, the carb count goes up, but are we really counting with this delicious meal in front of us??) to make this easy family dinner on busy weeknights or lazy weekends. 

Easy One-Skillet Chicken and Rice Dinner 

Buns in my Oven

Easy quick one skillet cheesy chicken and rice with broccoli dinner that is kid-friendly. And the grown-ups in the family are going to love it too. Tender pieces of chicken, savory rice, and veggies.

When all these delicious ingredients are magically simmered and cooked together in one pan, the flavor is so good, littles will probably gobble up every bite!

30 minutes tops, one pan, and a healthy filling family dinner ready for the table. Now that's what I am talking about😊.

Feb 16, 2021

5 Adorable Quick and Easy Easter Desserts To Make Last Minute

If you are a tried and true procrastinator when it comes to planning just about everything in your life - like I am - then you are going to love these last-minute Easter dessert ideas!

We are talking seriously cute dessert ideas for some of the easiest things to bake when you kind of forgot to plan ahead for your Easter celebration.

(So yea, this is all about procrastination. But that is okay. When you see how easy these desserts are to make, you will feel like the kitchen hero you know you always were meant to be!)

Easter basket with homemade Easter chicks doughnut hole desserts
Woman's Day

These cute spring chicks are actually doughnut holes covered in white chocolate and colorful sprinkles! Definitely, a fun easy-peasy Easter treat kids will love!

Easter popcorn with mini Cadbury Easter Eggs and marshmallows
Keat's Eats

 Easter Egg Popcorn Bars made with mini Cadbury eggs, marshmallows, and white chocolate - what is there not to love about this easy Easter treat??

 This 5 minute Easter Oreo Bark recipe is made with just a few ingredients and is a perfect dessert for Easter or any time really. This recipe uses Easter M&M's candies and spring-colored sprinkles. But it is easy to switch the candy and colors to make this quick easy dessert for any celebration.

Woman's Day

Turn sugar cookie dough into adorable bunny sugar cookies for an Easter dessert for kids. A super simple fun idea for Easter brunch. Grab some sugar cookie dough, bunny-shaped cookie cutters, icing, and food coloring, then let everyone design their own bunny cookie for dessert!

Betty Crocker

Adorable Easter Chicks Cupcakes are super easy and quick to make. The only thing is, they are so darn cute, it may be hard to eat this spring-time dessert!

Oct 3, 2020

15 Hot Toys Kids Want For Christmas 2020 You Can Still Find on Shelves (But Hurry!)

My  boys both want the new Playstation consoles for Christmas this year,  which has me stressed, as just about everyone else wants one too.

 But there is always hope (right??) and still many dwindling days until December 25.

To get my mind off the challenge of finding two PlayStation consoles to preorder, I decided it would be fun to put together a list of some other available (so far) top holiday toys kids want for Christmas this year!

So without further ado, here are Amazon's Picks of Favorite Holiday Toys For 2020.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission if you click on a link and make a purchase.  

Barbie Fashionistas Doll

Every doll in Mattel's Barbie Fashionistas line is unique, cool, and stylish in her very own way, just like this Fashionista Barbie with long brunette hair and mouse print dress. 

Shop the Barbie Fashionistas Dolls Collection at Amazon - $9.99 ( Right Now $7.99)

Baby Yoda Soft Plush Toy - 11 inch

Who wouldn't want their very own soft Baby Yoda to cuddle??

Shop For Baby Yoda Plush Toy on Amazon: $18.79

Throw Throw Burrito

Grab the newest crazy fun family game night game now before all the burritos are gone. 

Buy Throw Throw Burrito now on Amazon - $24.99

L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Remix Lonestar Fashion Doll

Amazon is giving a Pre-Order Price Guarantee - so if you have a LOL dolls fan in your family, you may want to take a peek and order early!

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Motorized Track Set


This newest race track from Hot Wheels comes with hairpin turns and loads of problem-solving challenges and opportunities for kids to use their imagination skills. 

Poopalots Big Wags Interactive Pet Toy

Interactive Poopalots may just be the next best thing to having a real puppy for kids. Not only do kids get to feed their interactive puppy, they also get to clean up after him!.

Buy Poopalots on Amazon - $19.97

CuteTitos Fruititos

Find new soft plush characters wrapped in cozy blankets with a surprise fruit wrap in each bag.

Shop CuteTitos Fruititos Now - $9.97

Deluxe Frozen 2 Necklace Activity Set

Frozen fans are going to love this easy to carry Frozen 2 Necklace Activity set - available only on Amazon. The kit comes with 500 Frozen charms and beads - enough to make 10 Frozen 2 necklaces!

Shop Now - $19.99

Present Pets, Glitter Puppy

One of the season's hottest toys says Amazon, these cute Present Pets are ready to become part of your family this Holiday Season!

Shop Now - $49.99

One of Amazon's Best Selling toys this year is under $10.00! This is a perfect stocking stuffer gift idea for kids 7 -11 years and older.

Shop Now : $9.99

VTech 's cool KkdiZoom Studio Video Camera will provide older kids with hours of fun. This kid-friendly video camera is one of the pricier gifts for kids o Amazon's top toys list this year, but it does look amazing!

Shop Now: $98.89

Paw Patrol, Dino Rescue Dino

The first-ever Paw Patrol motorized vehicle - just in time for Paw Patrol fans this holiday season!

Shop Now: $53.99

Operation Game: Star Wars The Mandalorian Edition Board Game For Kids

It's all about helping Yoda in this fun Star Wars edition of Operation from Hasbro!

Shop Now: $17.99


This Suprise LOL Doll comes with fun stickers, accessories, and even a secret message sticker.

Shop $14.99


Classic Lite-Brite has been updated and is now brighter then ever with a bigger screen and more pegs! Pe

Shop Now: $12.82