Sweetest DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas Kids Can Make For Dad

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If you are trying to come up with homemade gifts the kids can make for Father's Day this year, you have come to the right place!! I have rounded up the most incredibly sweet and easy DIY Father's Day gifts that will melt dad's heart! I promise you, it is worth a minute or two to take a look at this list.


I love love love this picture gift idea for Dad. Dress the kids up in some of dad's clothes from the closet to create this special photo. If you love this idea, visit Wishful Thinking Photography to see just to get many other adorable pictures taking ideas!!


I came across this too cute Father's Day photo gift for dad at Happy Home Fairy. I am thinking this is a perfect preschool Father's Day gift if you have little ones at home.


If you are looking for easy Father's Day crafts for toddlers to make, What Katy Said has a sweet fingerprint dish craft the kiddos can make (with a little help from you, of course!)

There is nothing like a sweet homemade gift for dad from the heart. All you need are Legos, a jar, and some favorite activities the kids like to do with dad! All the details for this cute homemade gift idea are over at The Seasoned Mom!

Making Life Blissful.com

This clothespin airplane is a cute Father's Day kids craft idea. I think kids will have as much fun making this craft stick airplane as they will giving it to dad! Get the easy-peasy directions here.

This Free Printable Father's Day Footprint Poem is ready for you to print out at Crafty Morning! All you have to do is supply the cute footprints and voila! A beautiful sentimental gift any dad would treasure!!

Easy Mother's Day Brunch Ideas

Mother's Day is almost here. And to me, that means eating, spending time with my family and friends, and ...eating.  If you need some simple Mother's Day brunch ideas that are easy to make, I have you covered!

 Mother's Day Crafts For Kids To Make That Mom Will Love

I like brunches where there are lots of different choices of food to choose from. I mean, this is one of those holidays where you get to munch as much as you want without the guilt, right??  So bring on the heavenly casserole recipes , yummy potatoes, muffins galore and of course, the sweets.

Photo: I Just Make Sandwiches.com

Coffee and a fresh cranberry scone - omg, I would so be in heaven with this treat on Mother's Day. You may be thinking that this scone recipe cannot be easy like I previously promised, but check out the recipe over at I Just Make Sandwiches. It really is pretty simple (but you don't have to share that information with guests!)

Photo: TwoSistersCrafting.com

Lemon cookies with lemon frosting are a perfectly sweet addition to any brunch. Two Sisters Crafting also has the best lemon buttercream frosting recipe to go on these cake-like cookies. This recipe sounds totally decadently delicious!

Photo: Brian Woodcock

Country Living's Spinach and Ham Egg Bake is a perfect brunch idea because they are easy to hold in one hand while sipping a mimosa or juice in the other!

When you are cooking for large crowds, make-ahead recipes are awesome. You can prepare most of this Asparagus Egg Bake Casserole the night before then just pop it in the oven in the morning.

Chocolate-Banana Bread is a must have brunch recipe for any serious chocoholics. If you are looking for easy recipes, you will love this one. Gather the ingredients, mix together in one bowl, and bake.

Oh, by the way, vanilla is one of the ingredients in this recipe. How good is your house going to smell when everyone arrives??

Photo: Half Baked Harvest

Okay. This chocolate dessert from Half Baked Harvest is beyond decadent. So that is why you must promise to eat these hot chocolate french toast sticks only on Mother's Day. Or maybe another special occasion of your choosing, as long as you only eat this dessert once a year (really, it is for your own good!!)

Photo: Plain Chicken.com

My weaknesses. Potatoes. And cheese. If this Cheesy Potato Casserole from Plain Chicken happened to be on any buffet table I visit, it would be my number one stop. Even before the desserts. Yep, potatoes trump my sweet tooth. Is that sad or what?

Whatever your plans are for Mother's Day this year, I hope you end up with happy full bellies and lots of wonderful new memories!

Easy Ways to Earn Extra Income Every Month

There are so many ways you can make money on the side these days whether you work a full-time job or are a busy stay at home mom. I am not talking about a full-on second income, but just a little extra income every month that can help pay off debt or build up a savings account.

Would having a little extra cash every week help you breathe a bit easier? Then you should definitely consider doing some of these side hustles or online jobs from home. After all, corny as it may sound, every little bit helps, yes?

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This post may contain affiliate links. If you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a referral fee which does not affect you in any way. Please check out our Disclosure Policy for more details.


How To Find the Best SAHM Jobs Even If You Have No Experience

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13. Listen to Music and Get Paid

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There you have it! Hopefully, this list will get your mojo going and you will find something that works for you. If not, keep checking around for more ideas (and check back here as I will update more ways to make money from home often!)

5 Spicy Black Bean Burger Recipes You Don't Want to Miss

We love all kinds of veggie burgers in this house. All Kinds. Black bean burgers are one of the hubby's favorite, so I thought I would gather some of the best recipes on Pinterest for black bean burgers.

But not just the regular run of the mill kind. Oh no. The recipes on this list are of the spicy black bean burger variety.

Ready? Here we go. (you may want to grab a napkin. For the drool and all, you know.)

Photo: The Glowing Fridge.com

Is your mouth watering yet??

This spicy black bean burger recipe is from the awesome Shannon at The Glowing Fridge.  Spicy is probably a mild description for this decadently delicious burger.

Photo: The Spicy Vegan.com

Thanks to Rene at The Spicy Vegan, I have stopped buying the frozen veggie burgers at the market because this black bean vegan burger recipe is so darn easy - and tastes incredibly insanely better!

My favorite thing other than the "I want another one of these now, please" taste of these burgers is that they are easy to freeze. Which means I can have an easy ready to go healthy weeknight dinner that can go from freezer to oven to table in minutes.

Photo: Peas And Crayons.com

Siracha Mayonnaise. That ingredient alone should be enough to make you want to try this Quinoa Black Bean Burgers recipe from Jenn at Peas and Crayons.

While this dish comes under the umbrella of vegetarian recipes and is gluten-free, there is an easy vegan option as well.

Ella from Pure Ella has a recipe for veggie burgers that are perfect for grilling at summer barbeques this year. But you may want to forget about the hamburger buns. These yummy gluten-free vegan burgers are delicious all on their own. Add a healthy salad and you will be all sorts of happy and won't even miss the extra carbs in that bun you didn't eat.

If you want a homemade veggie burger recipe to wow your family and friends with, then you have got to try this recipe for black bean burgers with honey chipotle sauce from Jenn at Peas and Crayons. She really does have some amazing recipes to check out - seriously good stuff over there!

And even if veggie burgers are not your thing, you should still grab her home-made honey chipotle sauce recipe. Seriously. Go. Now.