5 Tips for Healthy Snacking at Work and On The Go

Snacks are a crucial part of a healthy diet, as we need energy throughout the day and between mealtimes. And with so many snack options out there, it’s important to carefully consider what we are buying and eating. 

For me, it is simply impossible not to eat between meals, and that’s okay! As long as I have healthy options planned out and on hand.

Check out these healthy snacking tips and play along!

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1. Start your day with a protein kick

Start your morning with a combination of protein and carbohydrates to help keep you full throughout the day. By eating foods with both protein and carbs, your body will gradually digest your breakfast, keeping you energized and satiated until lunch.

Even if you don’t have time for a full sit-down breakfast, try grabbing an apple with peanut butter, or pairing a yogurt with homemade trail mix.

2. Choose snacks full of fiber

Who doesn't get cravings at work for a sweet snack or a crunchy munchie? 

Focus on reaching for something with a lot of fiber in the afternoon to promote digestion. Eating fiber also reduces your tendency to overeat because it causes you to feel full for an extended period of time.

Fiber helps regulate energy levels throughout the day as well, possibly allowing you to skip that afternoon caffeine fix! 

A few smart snack choices rich in fiber include a handful of berries, unsalted nuts, or healthy popcorn snacks.

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3. Keep healthy foods in reach. 

One key to eating healthy snacks is keeping healthy snacks in the house. Even better, put them in plain sight rather than locked up in the cabinet. Try filling a “candy” jar with mixed nuts or dried fruits and decorating your kitchen with a colorful fruit bowl on the counter. 

And when you go out, make sure you to toss some nutritious snacks to go in your purse, work-out bag or backpack. Just having those options with you can help you fight those afternoon cravings at work for sugary snacks!

You’re much more likely to pick a healthy snack if it is within reach, so keeping them in sight will reduce chances of searching high and low for a less healthy option. 

Some snack ideas for work:

apples (the crunch will help you enjoy the munch)
roasted chickpeas
cucumber slices
celery sticks (extra delicious with peanut butter)
dates, figs

4. Separate out portion sizes before you are hungry. 

When you get home from the grocery store, separate portions of snacks out into plastic baggies to avoid overeating. If you don’t like the use plastic baggies, at least pour portion sizes out into a bowl rather than eating directly from the bag. This will help you keep track of how much and what exactly you are feeding your body.

5. Listen to your body. 

Sometimes, your body needs some food between bigger meals and that’s okay! Don’t be afraid to snack a little if you feel like you need it. Be conscientious and grab a snack with some protein or vitamins to satisfy that hunger. 

Denying yourself a snack between meals can result in overeating at the next mealtime, when you feel ravenous and eat as fast as possible. If you know you tend to feel hungry between meals, make sure you have healthy snacks to go with you to avoid cravings and grabbing something sugary.

Finally, always keep in mind, portion sizes and snack substance are equally as important to keep yourself on track. If you really want to treat yourself to something you love,but doesn’t fit your diet, do it! But moderation is key - there’s a way to treat yourself without going overboard and derailing your whole diet. 

What other healthy snacking tips do you live by?

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.