Simple Mocktail Recipes (Fun and Easy To Make)

Simple mocktail recipes to make at home anytime you want a delicious refreshing non-alcoholic drink. 

What Is A Mocktail Exactly?

Mocktails are simply alcohol-free cocktails. They look just like a classic cocktail but without the alcohol.

(Think of the classic Shirley Temple mocktail for kids)

Mocktail recipes are usually made with juices, sodas, infused syrups, and herbs. And since non-alcoholic drinks are very popular now, easy mocktail recipes are everywhere.

There are recipes for sour mocktails, herbal-infused mocktails, and fizzy mocktails with Sprite or other soda usually.

Mocktail recipes are fun, easy to make at home, and even more fun to drink because you don't have to worry about headaches the next day!!

And a simple mocktail drink without alcohol is healthier than a classic cocktail because, well, you are skipping the alcohol!

But keep in mind that some mocktail recipes are healthier than other mocktails depending on which ingredients you put in them. So look for low-sugar mocktails made with little or no added sugar.

Simple Mocktail Recipes That Are Fun and Easy To Make 

5 quick and easy mocktail recipes that make the perfect alcohol-free drink that you can enjoy anytime!

1. Grapefruit Citrus Sparkling Mocktail

Photo Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

 A grapefruit lime mocktail makes a perfect alcohol free summer drink that is fizzy and light and goes perfectly with healthy summer appetizers and finger foods.

All you need is grapefruit juice, simple syrup (totally optional), some Rosemary or Thyme, and a splash or two of lime and lemon.

Get the recipe at A Beautiful Mess.

2.  Watermelon Mocktail

watermelon mocktail in pitcher on table next to a glass with watermelon mocktail drink
Photo Courtesy of Eat Yourself Skinny

Easy watermelon mocktail recipes are a great mocktail to make if you want a healthy low-sugar mocktail recipe.

Watermelon is a hydrating fruit and is full of fiber. It also contains healthy nutrients like lycopene which is great for your skin.

If you are counting carbs this summer, this mocktail is also low in carbs and calories. So you can enjoy this drink guilt-free all summer long!

Get the recipe at Eat Yourself Skinny

More Summer Recipes 

3.  Strawberry Granita Lemonade

Photo Courtesy of A Pretty Life

A cool slushy mocktail will have everyone asking you for 'just a sip, please!'

This strawberry lemonade slushy-style mocktail is a perfect summer drink to serve at your summer BBQs or parties. If you have a large crowd, make sure to make a big pitcher or two of this delicious strawberry slushy drink!! 

And since there is no alcohol in this drink, it's a kid-friendly summer drink as well.

Get the recipe at A Pretty Life.

4. Kiwi Lemonade Spritzer

lime mocktail drink in glass
Photo Courtesy of Woman's Day

If you love an alcohol-free drink that has the perfect balance of sweet and tart, then this Kiwi Lemonade mocktail is for you.

Blend, chill, and enjoy at home or make a batch for your next summer get-together.

Get the recipe at Woman's Day.

5. Peach Bellini Mocktail

Photo Courtesy of Tablespoon

A non-alcoholic peach Bellini cocktail looks like the real thing. Except that you get to enjoy it without worrying about extra calories or next-day headaches.

Because sometimes you want the flavor, but not the alcohol so much. KWIM?

And to make this perfect non-alcoholic summer drink, freeze the ingredients before blending, and enjoy the best frozen peach Bellini mocktail recipe ever! 

Get the recipe at Tablespoon.

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