Healthy Family Meals On a Budget Your Family Will Love

Healthy Family Meals On a Budget Your Family Will Love
Healthy Family Dinners on a Budget

5 Refreshing Mocktail Recipes To Celebrate Summer

Refreshing easy alcohol free Mocktail recipes to enjoy on hot summer days.

Non-Alcoholic Mocktail Recipes For Summer

1. Grapefruit Citrus Sparkling Mocktail

Photo Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

I love mocktails recipes with Sprite in them because they are fizzy and light tasting. This gorgeous grapefruit mocktail recipe is a perfect summer drink to go with healthy summer appetizers and finger foods.

All you need is grapefruit juice, simple syrup (which is totally optional, btw) some Rosemary or Thyme, and a splash or two of lime and lemon.

Get the recipe at A Beautiful Mess.

2.  Strawberry Granita Lemonade

Photo Courtesy of A Pretty Life

This  cool slushy mocktail that is going to have everyone asking you for 'just a sip, please!'

I say, don't share - it is too yummy. ( am I being selfish? maybe....)

So maybe you might be inclined to make a big pitcher of this delicious strawberry slushie drink so you can share it with everyone. And because there is no alcohol in this drink, kids can enjoy it too! 

Get the recipe at A Pretty Life.

3. Kiwi Lemonade Spritzer

Photo Courtesy of Woman's Day

If you love an alcohol-free drink that has the perfect balance of sweet and tart, then this Kiwi Lemonade mocktail is for you.

Blend, chill, and enjoy at your next summer barbeque.

Get the recipe at Woman's Day.

4. Peach Bellini Mocktail

Photo Courtesy of Tablespoon

An alcohol-free version Bellini cocktail makes me very happy.

Because sometimes you want the flavor, but not the alcohol so much. KWIM?

To make this drink extra tasty and delicious, freeze the ingredients a little before blending.

Get the recipe at Tablespoon.

5.  Watermelon Lime Mocktail

Photo Courtesy of Eat Yourself Skinny

If you only get around to trying one summer cocktail, this watermelon lime mocktail recipe should probably be the one.

Not only is it alcohol-free, but this healthy drink is also sugar-free.  It is naturally sweet and yummy without any sugar being added.

If you are counting carbs this summer, this mocktail is low in carbs and calories as well. So you can enjoy this drink guilt-free all summer long!

Get the recipe at Eat Yourself Skinny