Nov 30, 2019

5 Favorite Easy Christmas Brownie Recipes Kids Will Love

Put on your favorite holiday tunes, grab a mixing bowl or two and get ready to make some of the best holiday brownie recipes ever.  Deliciously easy peppermint candy cane brownies and decadent chocolate brownies are decorated to look like Christmas presents are just a couple of easy to make brownie recipes kids are going to love and that you need to add to your holiday baking menu asap.

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Just be sure to make double batches of these easy holiday brownie recipes if you are making them for a crowd this year. They are going to disappear quickly.  Check out these delicious easy chocolate chip bar recipes for a quick winter treat for the kiddos too!

Peppermint Candy Cane Brownies

This easy holiday candy cane brownie recipe starts with a box of brownie mix.  But believe me, your party guests and family will never be able to tell.

Christmas Tree Brownie Pops

Oy. Fudgy chocolate brownies topped with indulgent cream cheese frosting with a peppermint cane tree trunk. YUM. Gather the kiddos and have a blast baking up a batch (or two) of these special Christmas brownie pops!

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Christmas Reindeer Brownies

This adorable Christmas reindeer brownie recipe from Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons are super easy to make and almost too cute to eat! Baking and decorating these cute holiday brownies would make a fun kids Christmas activity for the whole family to enjoy together!

Gingerbread Christmas Brownies

 This easy to make Christmas gingerbread brownie recipe from Betty Crocker is easy to make and the wonderful gingerbread aroma is going to make your whole house feel like Christmas!

Santa Hat Brownies

How cute are these Santa hat brownies? And this brownie recipe uses two of my favorite ingredients, chocolate, and strawberries. TOGETHER. Yum! Yea, the kiddos will love these cute brownies, but grown-ups are going to love them maybe even more. Personally, I think this holiday brownie recipe would be perfect if you are having a holiday brunch. This decadent dessert would pair nicely with a a glass of champagne!

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