Cute Christmas Recipes To Make For Kids

Celebrate Christmas with these easy kid-friendly Christmas recipes.

The holiday season seems to fly by quicker every year. It feels like one day we are putting up our Christmas tree, and the next we are taking it down already. 

So remember to slow down and spend some relaxing family fun time too, just watching holiday movies, baking cute Christmas brownies, and munching on festive Christmas treats and snacks!!

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Kid-Friendly Holiday Food Ideas

Mini Snowman Pizzas

How cute are these mini snowman pizzas?  What a fun easy kid-friendly Christmas Eve dinner recipe that even picky eaters will love! Make a couple of extra mini pizzas so the kids can leave a personal snowman pizza (or two ) for Santa and his reindeers to share!!

Reindeer Sandwiches 

Arts and Crackers

Super cute  reindeer sandwiches make a fun Christmas lunch for kids (or even a light holiday dinner or snack idea!) 

Elf On The Shelf Pancakes

Simplistically Living

What could be better than Elf  Pancakes for a festive Christmas morning breakfast??

Hummus and Veggie Santa Party Tray

Taste of Home

Okay, this adorable veggie and hummus Santa party tray might be a tough sell when it comes to holiday kid food ideas. 

But, I figured this festive holiday platter is just too cute to not share. And really, it is easy enough to make substitutions food-wise that might make this a more kid-friendly snack. 

You could use feta cheese or popcorn in place of the cauliflower, and peanut butter could replace the hummus, for example.

Or maybe your family will love this delicious healthy Christmas party Santa tray idea exactly the way it is 😀!

Easy Polar Bear Cookies (Made With Oreo Cookies)

Cuteness is the best word to describe these easy Polar Bear Christmas Cookies! They are almost too cute to eat!!

But I am guessing that kids will gobble up these cute Polar Bears, so here are more easy Christmas desserts you can make as back-ups!

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