Jul 9, 2020

Easy Halloween Slime Recipes For Kids ( And Grown Ups Too)

Gather your little ghosts and goblins and get ready to make spooky easy Halloween slime for kids that they are going to play with for hours. After all, is there any better time to make gooey slime than at Halloween?

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission if you click on a link and make a purchase.  

This post contains affiliate links, and I may make a small commission if you click on a link and make a purchase. 

1. Orange Candy Corn Halloween Slime

An easy edible slime recipe for Halloween.

Yep, an EDIBLE SLIME Recipe. Hooray! 

The secret ingredients are candy corn and marshmallows. 

So yea, it is edible slime, but you may want to limit the edibleness just a bit.

How to make edible marshmallow slime for Halloween.

2. Witches Brew Halloween Slime

Stretchy glittery green slime with monster eyes is a perfect easy Halloween slime to make for kids.

Your kids will thank you for making this slime.

And all you need are 3 ingredients to make this easy Halloween slime recipe

So I guess you could say you need 4 items to make green googly eye slime. Technically though, it is 3 ingredients and the googly eyes.

If you want to be technical and all.

3. Glow In The Dark Slime

Yep, another amazing edible slime recipe! You can make slime cupcakes for Halloween and then eat them, slime and all!

You'll only need 3 ingredients to make this easy edible green glow-in-the-dark slime: 

  • Tonic Water
  • Potato Starch
  • Lime Jello Powder

Once you learn how to make glow in the dark edible slime, you and the kids are going to want to make it again and again, even after Halloween is over. 

And when you do make this easy slime recipe again, switch up the slime colors by using a different colors of powder gelatin.

4. Orange Halloween Slime With Glitter Glue

If you want to know how to make Halloween slime without borax, you are going to love this easy two ingredient slime recipe for kids.

Yep, two simple ingredients. In fact, this is the perfect super easy simple slime recipe to make if you have never made slime before.

  • glitter glue (Elmer's Orange Glitter Glue works perfectly in this slime recipe)
  • liquid starch (if can't find it at the store, you can always order it online at Amazon)

What's better, is this simple Halloween slime recipe takes minutes to make.

5. Witches Brew Fluffy Halloween Slime

If you need some fun Halloween party ideas for kids, try making a big batch of fluffy purple and green Halloween slime with spooky googly eyes!

This fluffy Halloween slime recipe is so cool because when you fill a witch's cauldron with it, you have an instant cheap Halloween party decoration that kids are going to ooh and aah over it.

(You can buy Halloween cauldrons on Amazon for cheap)

You can also make the cutest ever Halloween party favors for kids by filling mini Halloween cauldrons  (also on Amazon)with Halloween slime they can take home! (You will be a Halloween Party Hero.)

Although making slime and playing with slime is awesome sensory fun for kids, it is still an activity that needs supervision. Wash hands, bowls, utensils, counters and surfaces where slime has touched.