Planning a Halloween Party When You Are Broke

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Cheap Halloween Party Ideas For Kids

It happens all the time. Kids decide they really truly want NEED something just when we are really truly pretty broke.

Like a Halloween party. What happens if this is the year they decide they desperately want a Halloween party and you simply do not have the extra money to throw a party? But you still can't disappoint your kid, so you try to figure out a way.

You need some really truly cheap Halloween Party Ideas. Now.

To start, serve simple treats and snacks. Kids are happy with grab and go snacks that are fun to eat.

Make your own Halloween party decorations using things around the house. If you do need to buy party supplies or decorations, your nearest Dollar Tree is the place to shop.

And check out these 20 Non-Candy Halloween Treats For Kids ( no sugar, just fun.)

DIY Halloween Games For Kids

Pin The Boo! Game

DIY Halloween Pin the Boo Game For Kids

A Halloween twist for Pin The Tail game. Paper, tape and you are pretty much ready to play! Thanks to Simple Play Ideas for this idea!

Halloween Pumpkin Golf

Easy Pumpkin Golf Game

For this game, all you need is a large pumpkin and a plastic toy golf set (Dollar Tree?). Kimbo from A Girl and A Glue Gun found a carveable pumpkin that works really well, plus you won't have to deal with any stringy mess! 
If you are on a strict party budget, a real pumpkin will be cheaper and will work jut fine. If you don't want to buy a plastic golf set, how about using a broom and small plastic ball? Get the directions.

Pumpkin Ring Toss With Glow in The Dark Necklaces

Games to play at Halloween Kids Party

Set up a game of good old fashioned ring toss using a pumpkin. Definitely, a budget-friendly Halloween idea courtesy of Melissa at Kid-Friendly Things To Do.

Classic 'Guess How Many' Halloween Party Game

Halloween Games For Kids

A simple guessing game using candy corn that will be a big hit at parties.  Pour some Halloween candy in a bowl, and let kids guess how many pieces are in there. And you can use that bowlful of candy as a prize.

(Picture courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens.)

More game ideas for kids Halloween parties

Musical Chairs - play scary Halloween music and let the fun begin!

Egg and Spoon Race:

Have the kids color their own eggs using Halloween stickers, crayons, etc. Then set up a good old fashioned egg and spoon race with teams.

Cheap DIY Halloween Decorations

Spooky Flying Egg Carton Bats

DIY Halloween Flying Bat Decorations

Use egg cartons to make these hanging bats. Then hang them everywhere and anywhere you like!
 Easy instructions at Happy Clippings.

You can make adjustments depending on your party budget. If you can't buy (or have on hand) Googly Eyes, for example, cut some out using construction paper. No black paint handy? Use a black marker to color the bats!

Ghostly Treat Table

Halloween Party DIY Ghost Table Decoration

If you have an extra white sheet, use it to make a Ghost Table. Use it for party snacks, party favors, etc.

Spooky Googly Eyeballs Halloween Decoration

spooky Halloween Eyeballs decoration

Kids will love these spooky eyeballs out of ping pong balls  for your Halloween party

Get the directions at

DIY Halloween Front Door Mummy Decoration

DIY Halloween Front Door Mummy

This 5 minute DIY Halloween Front Door Mummy idea from Honey and Fitz definitely falls under cheap decorating. All you need is a roll of white paper streamers and black and white construction paper for the eyes. Photo Credit: Honey and

Cheap Spooky Halloween Party Food Ideas

Halloween Witches Brooms

Cheap Halloween Treats Witches Broom

An easy Halloween treat for kids that is chocolaty and salty and did I mention, fun to eat?
Thanks to The Kitchen Magpie for this recipe and photo.

Halloween Theme Chex Mix Party Snacks

cheap Halloween party snacks

Okay, so maybe this colorful Chex mix is the easiest party snack ever. Thanks to One Little Project for this easy Halloween treat idea!

Individual Mac and Cheese Party Cups

Halloween Party Ideas Mac and Cheese Cups

These macaroni and cheese cups make an awesome and cheap party food idea for little kids.

Head to the Dollar Tree or Party City for some cheap plastic cups. Then grab a marker and draw pumpkin faces on each cup. Easy Peasy!

Yummy Mummy Candy Holders

Halloween Mummy Candy Holders

These too-cute Halloween mummy candy holders  make perfect party favors. You can have kids make these as a craft project at the party, or simply have them ready for guests as they arrive.

DIY Coffee Filter Ghost Halloween Lolli-Pops

coffee filter ghost pops

Use coffee filters to wrap lollipops instead of tissue paper! Just a twist on this popular easy kids' party treat. Either works great, but I think the wrapping part is easier using a coffee filter. Thanks to Happiness Is Homemade for this idea!

Mini Doughnut Spiders

mini doughnut spider Halloween treats

Let the party guests make these easy Halloween treats themselves, or have them ready ahead of time and put them on that Ghost Table you set up! Thanks to It's Always Autumn for this idea!

(Two more easy healthy Halloween food ideas for kids you might like.)

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