Quick Fun Ideas For Decorating With Pumpkins This Year

fun ideas for decorating pumpkins this year

Be honest. Would you rather do anything else related to Halloween than carve pumpkins? It's okay, really. You are so not alone.

There are so many fun quick ways to decorate with pumpkins that don't involve you having to carve them. So leave the carving tools in the drawer this year, and embrace the joys of decorating using stencils, chalkboard paint, and your imagination.

Best of all, you won't have to deal with those stringy pumpkin innards! Now tell me that doesn't make you all happy and giddy inside.

Here are 3 of our favorite ideas for pumpkin decorating this Fall!

chalkboard paint for pumpkins
Linen, Lace and Love

1. Don't Carve Your Pumpkin - Paint It Using Chalkboard Paint

Using chalkboard paint, paint pumpkins black and white. Then use a marker to write spooky Halloween verses or cute greetings on the pumpkins. Or just paint pumpkins gold and add some glamour to your front porch decor!

Get the Complete directions at Linen, Lace, and Love.

fun ways to decorate pumpkins

2. Turn Your Pumpkin Into a Mummy In a Snap!

An easy and fast way to decorate your pumpkin this year. Wrap a pumpkin in cheesecloth and turn it into a mummy decoration for Halloween. Add some spooky eyes and you are good to go.

DIY Witch Decoration
3. Easy Witch Pumpkin Decoration

Got to love this witch made out of pumpkins! So simple to make, but how fun is this? All you need are 3 pumpkins, a black plastic bag for the witch's cape, and a witch's hat. Add a broom for fun, and make the eyes out of black and white construction paper.

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