3 Easy Apple Dessert Recipes For Fall

 3 best decadent apple dessert recipes for fall. There is simply nothing like the mouthwatering aromas of baking fall desserts full of apples, cinnamon, and fall spices to make your home ready for Autumn.

the best easy apple desserts

Summer is almost over, and I am excited for my favorite season of the year to arrive. I absolutely love everything about Fall, and the best way I know how to celebrate the season is baking!

Easy Apple Tart Recipe

easy apple tart dessert

This apple tart recipe only uses 5 ingredients, one of which is Apricot jam. A slice of this apple-apricot tart topped with vanilla ice cream is absolutely delicious. And of course, a warm slice of this pastry with your morning cup of tea or coffee is simply amazing.

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Apple Pie Fries

how to make apple fries

French Fries and sweet apples together in one amazing recipe. Nothing else needs to be said.

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Apple Cinnamon Bread/ Plated Cravings

Apples with cinnamon baking together in the oven fill your home with mouth-watering aromas. There is nothing better. A slice of this warm apple cinnamon bread with your morning coffee or tea, and it will feel like fall has arrived on your plate.

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