10 Kids Halloween Cupcakes That are Spooky Fun to Eat

Cutest ever Halloween cupcakes kids will gobble up in no time.  From cute monster cupcakes to mummy cupcakes, kids will love all of these easy-to-make Halloween treats

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1. Fun Skeleton Halloween Cupcakes

These spooky skeleton cupcakes are easy to make, even though they may look tricky. You can use store-bought cupcakes for this recipe, or use your favorite cupcake recipe and bake your own from scratch. 

Decorate cupcakes with marshmallows, white frosting, yogurt mini-pretzels, and a lollipop stick.

Get the recipe at Woman's Day

2.   Halloween M&M's Cupcakes

Quick and easy Halloween cupcakes kids will love. Use store-bought cupcakes to save time, or bake cupcakes using a box of chocolate cake mix.

Mix in food coloring with vanilla frosting to make the orange and black frosting for the cupcakes.

Then just decorate the top of the cupcakes with orange and black M&M's!!

Get the recipe at Betty Crocker

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3. Witches Brew Cupcakes

These witches-brew cupcakes are easier to make than you might think.  

Bake your own cupcakes or buy cupcakes at the store (what is shared here on the blog stays on the blog, don't ya know?!) 

Then make your green icing (you can use vanilla frosting and try a safe food coloring product like Wilton Gel Based Food Color or get the exact frosting recipe used in these cupcakes over at the House of Yumm). 

The trick is loading up the cupcakes with extra frosting, so the effect is similar to "witches brew" bubbling out of a Calderon.

Then top the cupcakes with green gumballs in different sizes ( Amazon has green candy gumballs that will work perfectly.)

4. Chocolate Pumpkin Witch Cupcakes

Chocolate Pumpkin Witch Cupcakes are adorable Halloween cupcakes kids will love!! 

Add ice cream cones that have been covered in melted chocolate and luscious homemade creamy hazelnut frosting,

Get the recipe at Woman's Day

5. Sweet Monster Cupcakes

Sweet monster cupcakes for toddlers and preschoolers are adorable (and so not scary.) But really, these easy Halloween cupcakes will bring smiles to older kids and adults for that matter! Seriously, how cute are those eyes and the cotton candy hair?? Yep, these cupcakes are topped with cotton candy!

Get the directions for these sweet monster cupcakes at The Novice Chef

6. Wicked Witch Legs Cupcakes

Super easy and fun cupcakes to make for kids Halloween parties. All you need are chocolate cupcakes that you make from a cake mix, frosting, and straws. The wicked witch boots are just cut from black construction paper!

Even if you do not have Halloween colored straws or green frosting, this easy cupcake recipe can easily become Halloween cupcakes just by adding the witch shoes.

Get the directions at Your Cup of Cake

7.  Pumpkin Cupcakes

Every Halloween party needs cute pumpkin cupcakes, right? And these little pumpkins come with a tootsie roll stem! And since pumpkins fit in with Thanksgiving as well, this recipe can do double duty and become cute Thanksgiving cupcakes.

Get the Directions at Mom Loves Baking

8. Mummy Cupcakes

These cute mummy cupcakes are perfect if you need a last-minute treat for a Halloween party. A box of chocolate cake mix and vanilla frosting are the two main things needed to make these Halloween cupcakes.

To do the mummy wrap with the frosting, a flat frosting tip (#45) will do the trick, and for the googly eyes you could use candy or if you like, try Wilton edible candy eyeballs (under $3 at Amazon).

Get the Directions at Sugar and Charm

9. Spooky Halloween Cupcakes For Kids 

What is better than letting kids make their own spooky cupcakes this Halloween?? And it gives busy mamas a little break.

Just bake a batch of cupcakes ( chocolate, vanilla or yellow cake mix). After the cupcakes have cooled, let kids have fun decorating their own cupcakes.

Have chocolate and vanilla frosting ready, as well as some fun candy for decorations and any other cupcake toppers you feel like providing ( like say, plastic spiders).

Use chocolate wafers to make the bat wings on cupcakes. And for the chocolate details on the ghost cupcakes, those small tubes of chocolate icing at the stores should be perfect for little hands.

Get more cupcake decorating tips for kids at Recipes From a Pantry

10. Spooky Wormy Cupcakes

Creepy crawly gummy worms appear to be crawling out of the mud on these awesome fun Halloween cupcakes. The chocolate frosting is inside the cupcake and oozes out of the top of the cupcake. Just bake the cupcakes and let cool. Then carefully make a hole from the top center of the cupcake down to the bottom of the cupcake.

To pipe the chocolate frosting inside the cupcake, spoon frosting into resealable snack-sized plastic baggies. Seal the bag and cut a 1/2-inch hole in the bottom corner of the bag.

Pipe frosting inside each cupcake and place a gummy worm on top so it looks like it is slowly creeping out of the mud.

Get the Directions at Pillsbury.com

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