Fun and So Not Scary Halloween Books Preschoolers and Toddlers Are Going To Love This Fall

10 fun Halloween books for kids, toddlers, and preschoolers that are not scary. These cute kids books for Halloween with their sweet and silly characters make great bedtime stories for kids ages 3 and up. Best of all, these are Halloween books adults will love just as much as the kids do!

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My boys are older and love just about everything scary when it comes to Halloween. But that was certainly not the case when they were little munchkins. My older son (they are just two years apart) really did not like scary stuff at all when he was young. So we tended to keep our Halloween decorating fun instead of scary. Even the Halloween cupcakes the kids would help make were cute. (Is there even a such a thing as a  scary cupcake though??)

Which was never a problem for me since I also prefer fun over scary as well. So with fun in mind, I put together a list of the 10 best Halloween books for preschoolers and toddlers (based on parent reviews) that are perfectly silly, happy, giggle-worthy and most of all FUN, not scary. for your little munchkins!

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Snowmen At Halloween is the number one new 2019 release Halloween book for kids this year and even though the release date for this book is August 20, you can pre-order Snowmen at Halloween now on Amazon.

This cute Halloween book follows the snowmen's adventures after the kids have gone to bed. This looks to be a sweet totally not scary book for preschoolers.

Pre-Order Snowmen At Halloween on Amazon ($12.99 for the hardcover, or get the Kindle version of this book for $10.99)

Even the witch is not scary in this cute Halloween book for kids (you can tell by looking at her smile!) This Halloween book is a long-standing favorite of parents and kids. It follows the adventures of a not so scary witch and her pet cat. Along their travels, the kind witch and her cat meet new animal friends who help the witch and her cat when they need it the most. A fun Halloween story about friendship and helping others.

Witch on a Broom is an award-winning children's book authored by Julia Donaldson. You can order Witch on a Broom on Amazon (where it has a 5-star rating!)

Fun ghosts, cute monsters, and goofy witches enjoy a fun night before Halloween in The Night Before Halloween. This is a great rhyming book for toddlers and preschoolers (but I think even older kids up to 8 or so will love reading this cute Halloween book as well!)

The Night Before Halloween is written by award-winning children's author, Natasha Wing, who has authored a very popular series of "The Night Before" books for kids.

You can order The Night Before Halloween on Amazon (also a five-star rating) for under $5)

The Littlest Witch is also a new children's book for Halloween 2019, released just this summer. The book follows the adventures of a little witch named Wilma as she tries to find her place in her family's Halloween celebration (which includes a big broom-flying demonstration.) Wilma worries she may be too little yet to fly with her family, although she knows the routine by heart.

The Littlest Witch follows author Brandi Dougherty's The Littlest Mummy. Wilma gets help in her quest to fly with her family from her friend, Mae The Mummy.

You can order The Littlest Witch on Amazon now ( $4.99 paperback or $2.99 Kindle)

Pumpkin Soup is a children's classic Halloween story that is perfect for a bedtime book to read with your kids this fall, particularly after a trip to your local pumpkin patch! Pumpkin Soup tells the story of 3 animal friends who make pumpkin soup the same way every day. But one day Duck decides he would like to stir the soup instead of adding the salt to the soup. This causes an argument among the three friends. In the end, they come to realize their friendship is more important than anything else, and the story ends happily.

Pumpkin Soup also has wonderful illustrations to go along with the cute story of friendship. You can order the paperback version of Pumpkin Soup on Amazon for $7.99

Sandra Boynton's Spooky Pookie is a fun Halloween board book for 2,  3 and 4-year-olds, but really, I think even kindergarteners will enjoy this fun book. Pookie has a dilemma trying to figure out which Halloween costume to wear. Toddlers will love seeing the costumes Pookie tries on, one by one until Pookie figures out just what to wear for Halloween.

You can order Spooky Pookie on Amazon now for $5.75 (it is a sturdy board book that toddlers can look at over and over again!)

Another fun Halloween book for toddlers from Sandra Boynton. Eek! Halloween is a toddler-friendly board book with silly fun rhymes children will love hearing read aloud.

You can order Eek! Halloween! on Amazon now ($6.67)

It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse! is more about fall and pumpkins than about Halloween. Actually, the word Halloween is not mentioned in the story at all. Instead, this fun toddler book is more about celebrating the fall season and pumpkins! It is a cute story featuring the familiar Mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

Get It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse Board book on Amazon now for $6.39

Where's My Mummy?  is a fun bedtime story to read to children. Baby Mummy is adorable as he tries to find ways to get out of going to bed. So Mama Mummy agrees to play one game of hide-and- shriek before bed. As baby mummy looks for mama, he finds gently spooky but silly funny characters.

Where's My Mummy is a cute Halloween book for preschoolers through first grade (and older kids too!), and has received praise from parents for the amazing illustrations on every page. This is the kind of book that little ones love to have read to them over and over again!

You can order Where's My Mummy? on Amazon now. ($7.99 Hardback)

Bonaparte Falls Apart is a wonderful picture book for preschoolers that helps them understand about friendship, school and helping each other. This story is about a cute skeleton who finds himself falling apart, literally. He needs help from his friends. Luckily his friends, Franky Stein, Black Widow, and Mummicula all have some ideas to help put Bonaparte back together. But will their ideas help Bonaparte be confident and ready for the first day of school?

Order Bonaparte Falls Apart on Amazon now ($12,59 Hardback)

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