Easy Father's Day Crafts For Preschoolers and Kids

A round-up of incredibly sweet and easy Father's Day crafts for preschoolers and as well as older kids to make for Dad. If you need ideas for last-minute gifts for Dad, take a peek at these ideas. Each DIY Father's Day gift on this list will touch dads' hearts and best of all, are easy and quick last-minute gifts for kids to make (with a little help from mom!).


clothespin airplane craft picture, footprint and Father's Day poem, Lego Father;s Day crafts for kids

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I heart this picture gift idea for Father's Day. Dress the kids up in some of Dad's clothes from the closet to create this special family photo idea. Stop by and visit Wishful Thinking Photography to find more adorable gift ideas.

This is one of the easiest Father's Day gifts for kids to make Dad. It is also a fantastic way to brainstorm inexpensive kid activities for summer vacation.

Gather stray legos around the house and have the kids write down one fun family activity on each lego.

Put the legos in a jar, decorate it, and just like that the kids have a last-minute homemade gift for dad.

You can get all the fun details to make this quick easy homemade gift for dad at The Seasoned Mom!


What preschooler or toddler would not love putting on dad's shoes and taking a picture? This cute preschooler gift for Dad is from Happy Home Fairy.


One of the sweetest Father's Day homemade gift ideas for preschoolers and toddlers to make dad is this handmade change holder.  It is one of the cutest kids fingerprint crafts little ones can make (with a little grown-up help) and that dad will treasure forever.

Making Life Blissful.com

Kids will have as much fun making this homemade clothespin airplane for Dad as they will playing with Dad after they give it to him. Get the easy-peasy directions at Making Life Blissful.

This Free Printable Father's Day Footprint Poem is ready for you to print out at Crafty Morning

All you have to do is supply the cute kids' footprints and a frame.

 A beautiful sentimental Father's Day gift for Dad that he will treasure forever.

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