Printable Summer Bucket List of Fun Activities For Kids

Summer is in the air and kiddos everywhere are already dreaming about the long care-free days that will soon be upon them.

But as we all know, those carefree days can turn into long boring days pretty quickly.

So I made a cute My Summer Bucket List printable you can download for free so you and your kids can write down fun things to do this summer which will help keep them busy.

Go ahead and Click here to download your free printable!

Or download this version of the Summer Bucket List printable already filled in with fun activities kids can do this summer!

My boys helped me brainstorm ideas that would help keep kids busy this summer. We came up with a pretty cool list of 50 activities for kids to do this summer so be sure and check it out below!

50 Fun Summer Activities For Kids This Summer

  1. Do jumping jacks every morning
  2. Write down one thing you like about yourself every morning
  3. Collect every penny you find (and save them)
  4. Learn one new word every day
  5. Bird Watching
  6. Hula Hoop
  7. Read everyday
  8. Write a play
  9. Run through the sprinklers
  10. Grow a garden
  11. Learn about one new famous person
  12. Create your own new dessert recipe
  13. Build a birdhouse
  14. Design a Lego masterpiece (check out my post on Cool Legos Creations for Kids to get ideas)
  15. Play Hopscotch
  16. Make your own board game 
  17. Create a new dinner recipe once a week
  18. Tye-dye t-shirts
  19. Make pet rocks
  20. Do a different science project once a week
  21. Have a backward day every week 
  22. Have family night karaoke
  23. Go bowling
  24. Learn about one specific bug. Learn everything you can about it.
  25. Make a kite
  26. Fly a kite
  27. Make paper airplanes
  28. Make an obstacle course outside (or inside)
  29. Lemonade stand
  30. Bake cookies every Friday
  31. Make Slime
  32. Have restaurant night - you be the waiter
  33. Organize your room
  34. Start a diary
  35. Play Jacks
  36. Slumber party (or have a family camping night in the living room)
  37. Make puppets
  38. Start a new collection of something (rocks, marbles, stamps, etc.)
  39. Every night write down one thing you would like to do in the future
  40. Try a new food every week
  41. Make your own ice cream
  42. Learn a new hobby 
  43. Learn all the words to a song you love
  44. Have a puppet show
  45. Water balloon fights with friends
  46. Learn a card trick
  47. Learn a new card game
  48. Draw a self-portrait
  49. Write a short story
  50. Relax and daydream! 

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