Winter Vacation Blahs? Here are Some Fun Printables & Coloring Pages for Kids

I don't know if your house is anything like mine is right now or not, but here is a quick peek into ours -

kids getting cranky, bored, and generally not fun to be around

The Christmas tree is still up but looking just as cranky and tired as the kids are,  and I really believe it is  sending me telepatheic pleas to put it out of its' misery. (soon, tree, I promise.)

Christmas cookie crumbs, candy-cane wrappers, dry pine needles and general miscellaneous debris from the holidays are still hanging out on our floors.

Parts of various toys and games are strewn about the family room (and the dining room. and the living room. and the backyard. Yea, you get the idea, I know.)

The whining is getting louder and whinier. (that would be me.)

For us, there is a three-week winter break. Which means we are just starting the second week today and have another full week looming ahead. 

Damnear me.

The letdown after the holidays is a tough stretch to get through for us grown-ups. Putting decorations away is never as much fun as taking them and putting them up was. Finding homes for toys that were once dearly coveted for Christmas but have already become over-used and boring is not nearly as fun as it was wrapping them up while anticipating kid's smiles upon opening them up on Christmas morning. Sigh.

But we will get through this 'mourning' period and emerge ready to start the new year with energy and eagerness.

So I tell myself.

So today I have been seeking out some activities Ala the Internet that my kids can do so I can get busy taking down the tree and vacuuming the last remaining evidence of the holidays from our carpets.

Here are a few fun things I found, including free printables, coloring pages and easy crafts for kids.

Martha Speaks Coloring Page (
Super Why Coloring Pages (
Mitten Sun-Catcher ( Plus so many more activities to find on this site!)
Free Printable Winter Word Search ( (my 7-year-old found this one to be a big hit!)
Lots of fun free coloring printables at!

One more idea: take miscellaneous pasta from your kitchen, blank paper and glue and let the kids create their own 'art masterpieces.' (this should keep them busy enough for you to get a couple of things done, anyway!)

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