Cool 4th Of July Craft Idea {Got Potatoes?}

Planning a Fourth of July party? Or maybe you just need a cool  4th Of July craft idea for the kids? This project is easy-peasy, fun and makes a great way to decorate for summer parties as well!

Cut a washed and dried potato in half. 
Draw a star on one of the potato halves (on the fleshy side)
Cut away the surrounding potato (about 1/4" deep) until you have a star-shaped stamp that kids can hold onto.
Pour a little blue paint in a bowl and let the kids sip in their potato star stamp.
Make more potato stamps and use red paint for some red stars too!

Then let the kids can get stamp happy and craft all kinds of fun Fourth of July decorations - such as....


{How soon will we be talking Thanksgiving and Christmas?? Eek.}

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