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Best Things to Buy at Dollar Tree This Summer

Summer Shopping at Dollar Stores

Kiplinger has listed some of the best things to buy at dollar stores this summer. While most items on this list get a definite nod, there is one in particular that gets a 'whaat?' See if you can guess which item it is.

First up are summery apparel items like flip flops, hats, hula skirts (yes, you never know when a Hawaiian themed party will call to you this summer!), and the like. Seasonal stuff is always fun to buy at dollar stores just because they are cheap and fun, so we totally agree!

Next on the list are the requisite summer toys for kids - Pool noodles, goggles, pails and shovels, hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, and bubbles, etc. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and other assorted pool toys can be included here as well.

Then we move on to summer treats! Dollar stores are abundant in this category with all the goodies like frozen pops, lemonade, cookies, ice tea, chips, and so.much.more.

Having a summer BBQ? Why not shop Dollar Tree for some rib-eye steaks? Yep, apparently you can get yours for $1. Throw in a bottle of BBQ sauce for another $1, and you are set. If you prefer hot dogs, they have those too. Along with all the needed condiments like buns, mustard, relish and ketchup.

A definite yes on these next items - party supplies for your BBQ like tablecloths, balloons, napkins, plastic forks and spoons, paper cups and such. You must go to your nearest dollar store for sure to stick up on these things.

Check out their complete list of best things to buy at dollar stores, this summer. But first, before you go, do you know which item was a bit of a ?? for us?

((The rib-eye steak.)) Just not sure about that one yet.

Families in the News This Week

Happy almost 4th of July. Here are some best of the best blog posts shared this past week. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy.

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What This Mom Did During Labor is Amazing

moms in labor

Photographer Lisa Robinson-Ward just captured the most amazing photos of a mom in labor and giving birth to her beautiful baby girl.

She also happened to be that mom in labor. Yes, Robinson-Ward took breathtakingly beautiful pictures of her own labor and delivery of daughter Anora.

“I was pretty flexible with the plan,” says Robinson-Ward. “If it became impossible I was fine with not doing it but fortunately I had a really easy and amazing birth experience.”

Stunning photographs detail the entire labor and birth experience - even down to the emotions showing on her husband's face as he watches his baby daughter enter the world. 

You can get all misty-eyed looking at the incredible photos here.