4 Glorious Tin Can Crafts That Will Make Your Day

There are about a gazillion amazing things you can do with tin cans. Okay, so maybe I exaggerate a little bit. But seriously there are a lot of creative ideas out there. Just think, with a few supplies, you can turn an empty tin can into a glorious new candle holder in no time at all. And that is only one idea.

Beautiful Twig Vase

Start the project with an empty coffee can. Some paint, glue, twigs and raffia later, and you get this awesome vase for your flowers!

Elegant Tin Can Centerpiece

An easy and inexpensive craft project to do, but this DIY centerpiece made from recycled tin cans looks expensive and chic!

DIY Candle Holders

You can use cans of various sizes to make these gorgeous homemade candle holders . Make extra sets, because these would make lovely Christmas gifts!

Tin Can Shelves

An easy project that takes almost no time. Hang these round shelves made out of small cans wherever you need a little extra storage in your house.