5 Quick Energy Boosters You Can Do In Just Minutes

Here are some quick simple ideas to perk yourself back up during the day when you feel a bit sluggish

1. Laugh

Laughter is the Best Medicine....remember that phrase? It's true! Your brain releases endorphins each time you laugh. These are 'feel good' chemicals with a lot of punch! Endorphins can make you feel more awake and refreshed, can boost your immune system, help prevent heart disease and even reduce your risk of depression.

2. Exercise

Try getting up and moving, even for a few minutes. Exercising your body also releases those 'feel good' endorphins, and it also helps you take in more oxygen and fires up your metabolism. Try some of these quick moves during the day when you are feeling down:

March in Place
Jump rope
Do Lunges
Dance with your baby
Run laps with your kids
Tackle the stairs in your house a couple of times

You'll be laughing, breathing in oxygen, getting your circulation going, and releasing tension!

3. Drink Water

This is actually the most common reason for feeling sluggish during the day---dehydration! The less water there is in your system, the less oxygen is circulating in your bloodstream. So drink up! 8 glasses of water during the day will keep the 'blahs' at bay. And guzzle a glass of water whenever you are feeling low and sluggish...you may be suprised how much better you'll feel.

4. Yoga Quickies

Try these two simple positions to improve your circulation and relieve tension.

Eagle Arms. While you're sitting or standing, cross your arms in front of you so that your left elbow is resting in the crook of your right elbow. As you bend your elbows, your hands should be back-to-back and resting in front of your face. Now rotate your hands so that your palms are facing each other. Hold for two or three deep breaths and release. Repeat with your right arm above your left.

Leg Stretch. Lie flat on your back with your butt and legs straight up against a wall. Take several deep breaths. Now create a diamond with your legs by turning your ankles and knees out and sliding your feet halfway down the wall. Making sure the soles of your feet are touching, take several more breaths.

5. Sniff A Lemon!

Or a lime, orange or grapefruit. Yes, really! Apparently certain scents can help you recharge fast, and increase your attention span. So grab a lemon and either cut into it or squeeze it, and at the same time inhale deeply.
Peppermint is also supposed to be good for invigorating the senses, so try sipping on a cup of peppermint tea.


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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.