Best Foods For Sex

Some foods may be better than others when it comes to sex. It's true. So if you want to know which foods will give you the best chance at great sex, keep reading!

Espresso. Coffee, especially strong brew, increases blood flow which in turn makes nerve endings more sensitive.....

Chocolate. The darker the better. Chocolate has chemicals, such as anadamine and phenylethylamine, which produces a cozy, euphoric feeling.

Shrimp and Oysters. Shrimp and raw oysters have lots of zinc--a very important mineral when it comes to a healthy sex life. Zinc controls progesterone levels, which helps boost libido. It also helps increase sperm levels and fends off impotence in men. Shrimp also contain a stress-reducing amino acid and the feel-good hormone serotonin.

Beef. Beef has protein that will increase the body's production of the hormones dopamine and norepinephrine. These hormones will help keep you awake in the bedroom, as long as you don't eat too much! Overeating will signal the body to produce sleepy time hormones.

Sweet Potato. Potassium helps reduce stress, and sweet potato is an excellent source of potassium. Less stress may mean more sex...maybe.

Spinach. Magnesium, found in spinach, helps dilate blood vessels, which in turn increases blood flow...which of course is good for nerve endings.

Red Wine
( 1-2 glasses). Grape skins contain the antioxidant, resveratrol, which increases estrogen production which is good for getting that "in the mood" feeling, and as an added bonus, helps with the body's lubrication process.
Drinking wine made from Muscadine Grapes will give you a higher concentration of the antioxidant than most other red wine so drink a glass or two, but no more than that or it will depress the nervous system.

Vanilla Ice Cream. Ice cream has high levels of calcium and phosphorus, two minerals that build your muscles' energy reserves and boost your libido. Vanilla is best because the scent is known to help reduce anxiety and inhibitions.

Chocolate Syrup
( on that vanilla ice cream! ) Not only does it taste good, but research shows that women release high levels of the "feel good" endorphins after eating chocolate.
The cocoa in chocolate contains methylxanthines, stimulants that increase your body's sensitivity—ensuring that your skin registers even the slightest touch or movement against it. As always with chocolate, the darker the better!

Raspberries. Also delicious and healthy for your body, raspberries have a potent antioxidant that also increases blood flow in your body.


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