Can Exercising Keep Those Wrinkles At Bay?

This could be one more reason o get motivated and do some form of exercise every day. An interesting article discusses the theory that exercising everyday will help keep you looking younger, as well as keeping your body healthier.

Studies are showing that consistent exercise might be responsible for creating cellular changes in our bodies. Our chromosomes have protective caps on the tips, which are called telomeres. According to the article, "A recent study done in Britain followed sets of twins and looked at their activity level. Their findings confirmed that the twin who exercised more had longer telomeres than the one who didn't - and was biologically as much as nine years "younger." So it is likely that if you are younger at the cellular level, you will just look younger too.

Aside from the cellular benefits that may be possible with exercise, there is the fact that blood flow will increase through physically moving your body, giving you skin a healthier glow and help rid your body of toxins.

And probably all of us know the effects of stress on our faces, skin, and souls. Lep in mind that exercise will release endorphins which will combat stress. And chances are that you are going to feel better about yourself and gain some confidence with regular exercising.

It is so easy to let the demands of our everyday lives distract us from taking care of ourselves.But busy as we women are, we owe ourselves the benefits of daily exercise. Looking younger, feeling better, and getting healthier... what other motivation do we need?

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