Just What Are The Best Sleeping Tips?

With all the research and news about sleep, I decided to roam around the net looking for tips on getting a good night's sleep. But what I found were a lot of contradictory suggestions. Where one site will advise eating carbs before bed, another will tell me not to. I found the tip to read before bed, yet another tip popped up...yep...not to read or watch tv before bed. So I decided to go with the advice that made the most sense to me, and sounded reasonable.

So here is my list of the best sleeping tips:

1. Do not go to bed until you feel sleepy. If you go to bed and do not fall asleep within 20 minutes get up and do something else until you feel sleepy again.

2. Get up at about the same time every morning, no matter when you go to bed.

3. Avoid alcohol and caffeine for several hours before bedtime.

4. Take a bath before going to bed. Add some soothing aromatherapy oils, just as lavendar, to your bath. Keep the water warm, but not hot. The warm water raises body temperature that helps you to sleep while too hot will make you feel weak and sweaty when you get out.

5. Don't Go To Bed Angry. Old but true advice. While this may not always be easy to do, I do agree that getting no a heated argument with my husband just before hitting the sheets does make for a particularly tough night sleep!

6. And of course...the opposite of arguing...making love. Is there any better way to ensure a sound night sleep?

7. Check Your Iron Levels. This is an interesting tip I came across, and one I had not heard of before. Women that are iron-deficient tend to have more trouble sleeping.

8. Keep a Journal. I think this is really a good idea. Write down everything that is on your mind. Journaling your thoughts is relaxing and therapeutic...give it a try if you don't already do this.

9. Eat a Light snack. If I am really hungry, I know I will have trouble going to sleep. So I say go ahead and have a light snack and calm the grumbling! Common sense of course should prevail here, lol, and don't go for a full on meal. Maybe some slices of apple, or half a muffin with peanut butter,or a handful of nuts. Try some herbal tea or the tried and true glass of warm milk with your snack.

10. Just whatever works! LOL. Whether it be reading, some late night tv, finishing up some task I wanted to be done with, whatever feels right at that moment, I will probably go ahead and do, even if it is contrary to the advice of sleep experts. If it will help clear my mind, or help me get relaxed and sleepy, then I might watch some Jay Leno, or read one more chapter of my favorite mystery of the moment ( one site I visited advised not to read mysteries at night...oh well.)

So these are the best tips I find to make the most sense for me. Care to share any tips that work for you?

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.