Link Between Breast Cancer Recurrence and Estrogen

High levels of estrogen in womens blood has been tied to breast cancer already, but now research is showing that high levels of estrogen may also play a big part in a woman's recurrence of breast cancer.

Estrogen causes cell division, which research shows may start breast cancer. According to studies, women that experienced a recurrence of breast cancer had twice the level of estrogen in their blood as women who stayed cancer-free after treatment.

Drugs are used to lower estrogen levels in women with breast cancer, but according to researchers and doctors, there may be two other things women can do to help decrease levels of estrogen in the blood:

Moderate to Vigorous Exercise and Healthy Weight Management.

So we need to exercise every day, even a brisk walk about 20 minutes every evening/morning would be helpful, and we need to pay attention to what we choose to eat!

To learn more about breast cancer, go to The National Cancer Institute

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