5 Ways To Spice Up Your Romantic Relationship and Keep It Healthy as Well

We make resolutions all the time to improve our health, exercise more, watch what we eat, and so on. But sometimes we may forget how important it is to take care of our relationships with our significant others as well.

So here are 5 tips that I read on Yahoo Health that I found to be simple yet very meaningful ways to let your someone special feel special and keep your relationship healthy.

1. Give Foot Massages Often. Now I have to say here that a foot massage is just about my most favorite thing ever! When I read this tip, I fund myself nodding in agreement with the author. And as the author points out, if there's one thing that couples crave more and more as the relationship grows, it's non-sexual touch - touching that's sensual with a touch of sexual.

An unsolicited loving foot massage will definitely say to your significant other that you care about them.

2. Give a Gift that is Personal. Plan ahead for a birthday, anniversary, or 'just because' gift. Show that you cared enough to sleuth around, shop around, checked out online auctions, whatever, to find just the perfect gift that is meaningful to your special person. No ties, flowers, candy, and especially no more gift cards. Touch your significant other with a gift that shows you care about them and their passions in life.

3. Initiate the Passion. Yes, this may be hard if you are tired, burned out from kids, work, cleaning, cooking, etc., but it will be such a turn on for your partner if you start something once in a while ( at least). Now don't yell at me through your monitors for this one,please, I am just the messenger, really.
But I agree, even though I kind of wish I didn't, with the author on this one. Surprise your significant other sometimes and watch how much spice this brings to your romantic relationship!

4. Make an Effort to Fix the Little Problems. OK, so big things like money and work can impact heavily on relationships, but sometimes taking the effort to fix smaller issues in a relationship can actually reflect positively on the bigger issues.

Think about it. If your man were to start taking the time to put down the toilet seat and put a fresh roll of toilet paper on the holder, you'd probably take notice and appreciate these little gestures, right?

So if leaving your pantyhose on the shower rack irritates your guy, maybe you could change that habit. You get the picture. Ad it may not get noticed right away, but it will get noticed.

5. Don't Let Your Partner See You Naked. The author's point with this tip is that what you'll be doing here is building up the mystery until your partner absolutely has to see you naked. Have a robe, or sheet, or pair of pants all around you, until it's absolutely time to disrobe. The build-up, the anticipation, the mystery it's the "nectar" of new relationships that often gets spoiled in old ones.

Easy to do tips to keep your relationship healthy and spicy. Have any of your own tips you'd care to share?

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