Are You Happy Being a Mom?

I read an interesting article on, 8 Ways To Be a Happier Mom, today that got me thinking and made me feel less guilty. Because, guess what? Sometimes I am too overwhelmed to actually say I am happy being mommy when at the moment I am struggling with a 4 year old to get dressed while trying to maneuver a 1 1/2 year old away from the toilet bowl where he is happily discovering what items float and which will sink.

Reading this article made me realize that for me, being a mom, is more about the overall deep genuine feelings I have from being a mother and being a part of something much greater than I am. It may not be rosy and smiley every second--that is not a true measure of deep happiness and fulfillment; rather it is, as the article so perfectly coins it, the 'grand slam home run' moments that completely overcome daily frustrations. It's in having that deep strong awareness that I would do this again in a minute.

Peter Ubel, M.D., a professor of medicine and psychology at the University of Michigan says on their list of pleasurable activities, moms rank child care lower than eating, exercising, or watching TV, according to a University of Michigan study. And kid care rates only slightly higher than housework, working, or commuting!

Ironically, once you stop expecting motherhood to feel warm and fuzzy all the time, life as a mom gets easier. "It's okay to feel frustrated, angry, or irritable sometimes," says Dr. Ubel. "You're not a bad parent. It's not even a bad parenting experience. It's just normal" posted eight tips to be a happier mom. It's geared towards mom of kids under three because that age set tends to bring the most parenting stress. But It offers great tips that I think pertains to moms with kids of all ages.

Check out the tips and the article if you get a chance. The tips are not really anything new or unheard of before, but as busy mommies we forget to do things for ourselves.

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.