Baby Shower Invitations

Just wanted to pass along a tip if you are planning a baby shower anytime soon. Vista Print has some of the most adorable Baby shower invitations I've seen. I didn't even realize Vista Print offered baby shower invitations because I associate themwith business cards and products related to business. I visited their site today and was surprised by all the items available.

As far as pricing goes, I think Vista Print is hard to beat. The prices on the baby shower invitations are fantastic, plus they have sales and promotions very frequently. There is a code for invitations, FreeInvite, that will get you 10 free invites just like that.

Now I know you'd probably think there would be limited selections as far as invitations go with Vista Print, but that is so not the case. I saw so many cute invites that I wanted to order some even though I don't need any, lol. But I will be visiting Vista Print much more often now.

And the cool thing with Vista Print is that you can customize your baby shower invitations online in minutes. Things like adding more text, changing fonts and colors, moving things around, customizing the back side, and more. Then when you are happy with your finished product, you order them and receive them in about 3 days usually. You can play around with designs and save them for next time you feel like working on them again, or want to order more. So if you haven't checked out Vista Print lately, you may want to take a peek!

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.