Do You Use The Concepts Of Feng Shui in Your Home?

Many people follow the principles of Feng Shui when decorating their homes. The concepts of Feng Shui have always fascinated me, though I admit I do not actively design my home around with Feng Shui in mind.

But I have been reading more about Feng Shui as it relates to interior design and am now seriously considering trying it out. Basically, Feng Shui principles state that one can achieve balance in their home by arranging furniture and other objects so that energy flows more freely, and you are able to attract everything from relationship satisfaction to financial health.

Objects and furniture need to be placed in certain ways as to attract good energy, according to Feng Shui. In a living room for example, couches and chairs should never have their backs to the door. People should be able to see the door from wherever they a esitting in the living room. And having a grandfather clock in the living room is also appropriate in Feng shui as the movement from the clock is supposed to be good for bringing energy to the room. I was especially happy to read that grandfather clocks are positive sources for energy in Feng Shui, as I have my eye on one that I'd like to get as a sort of gift for our family this Christmas.

The bedroom should be a sanctuary according to Feng Shui ( ah, hard to do this one with kids!)and be kept very quiet. Do not have an office in your bedroom. Do not have a computer there. Do not eat in bed. Do not have a TV in this room. Clocks should be very small if in a bedroom, and perhaps best if battery operated.

I have more reading about Feng Shui to do, but I am intrigued, and hope to try out some principles soon and report back about it here. I'd also love to hear from anyone who follows Feng Shui and what you think about it!

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.