Home-Made Valentine's Day Desserts Everyone Will love

Home-Made Valentine's Day Desserts Everyone Will love
Valentine's Day Desserts

Hiding From The Kids

Do you ever try and hide from your kids for just a few minutes or so? You know --- not long enough to cause a panic or anything, but just a couple of minutes where you can take a few long breaths and just "be" for a minute?

I confess I am guilty of this. I will hide out in my bathroom long enough to regroup, or until I've been found out (which usually happens first). I do this when my youngest is napping, and my 4 year old is happily watching Blue's Clues. I will seize the opportunity to hide out a few minutes and simply do nothing but sit and meditate and enjoy the silence. And for as long as it lasts, it's heaven.

So do you hide out? And if so, where is your favorite hiding spot? Come on,'fess up--I won't give your hiding place away, I promise!