My Daughter The Beautiful Tomboy

I have a beautiful wonderful daughter, if I do say so myself, lol. Watching her grow is so different in many ways than it is with my sons. She definitely has more emotional highs and lows, and loves pink (yea-- a break from blue!!), and everything make-up! Where my daughter loves shopping, putting outfits together,and changing clothes about 5 times a day, my boys would prefer to just wear underwear, nothing at all, or at the very most...yesterday's clothes.

There are happily many differences, and I am so delighted I get to experience having a daughter as well as my boys.

But there are similarities as well. My daughter loves anything and everything to do with physical activity and sports! One of her latest interests was karate. She had been to a birthday party for a friend which was held at the karate studio he took classes at. So, long story short, a few weeks later, we ended up signing my daughter up for karate lessons as well. And she was sooo happy. And really truly, she was very good (really!).

Then came "The Accident." Ugh. One evening, instead of following the normal class routine for that day, the instructor for that day decided to surprise the class by letting them try some karate/gymnastic moves that by all rights, these kids were not prepared to do as they had not had any training yet for these moves.

Anyway, long story short again, my daughter injured her arm that night. What the injury turned out to be was a broken arm, and more specifically, a growth plate fracture.

We ended up seeing a couple of different doctors, and ended up with an orthopedic surgeon who decided to put her arm in a cast, and through follow-up x-rays determine if she would need surgery.

Thankfully her arm healed perfectly, without the need for any orthopedic surgery. And there were no resulting problems like her arm not being able to bend or straighten completely, as we were warned could be the case.

But though everything turned out okay, it was terrible at the time seeing her in pain and not knowing if she'd need surgery or not. Having a good orthopedic surgeon was so important. He answered all our questions, was great at easing my daughter's fears, and really showed he cared. I researched on the Internet about growth plate fractures when this happened to my daughter, since I knew nothing about them, and I found a lot of information at Peninsula Orthopedic Associates. Even though we were not looking for orthopedic surgeon San Francisco area, it was very helpful to get information that was easy to digest from board-certified orthopedic surgeons so that I could know the right questions to ask my daughter's doctor.

My daughter is as active as ever. She is simply a beautiful girl/ tom boy who will never accept that a girl cannot do what any boy can do. And if she gets her way, will do anything a boy can do even better than the boys!

I will have to find pics of her in her cast and post them later!

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.