Will You Be Taking a Staycation This Year?

The term 'Staycation" is being heard and seen everywhere these days. From TV News reports to magazines and ads from stores selling "staycation" supplies--everyone is becoming aware of the latest buzz word.

Staycations--staying home for a vacation instead of traveling to some far away destination, seems to be the key for many families this summer. Planning small day trips, backyard fun, video days, craft days, whatever your family chooses, staying home together can be a great experience for a family to share.

Simple Mom
has some very good tips for having a wonderful staycation with toddlers. She has some great advice since her family just took a staycation themselves. After reading Simple Mom's tips, I thought of a couple of ideas myself for making a staycation a wonderful experience.

Make sure laptops stayed closed, no business related phone calls are made or taken, no memos written, and no emails slyly checked or sent.

It can be tempting to sneak a peek at your email since you are at home anyway, but really you should lock up your computers and laptops for the entire staycation.

Kids (and parents) need to feel they are on vacation --not just at home on a regular routine. Ask yourself what you would do if you were away on vacation. Would you be chatting on the phone with your friend? Running over to a neighbor's house for a visit? Mowing the lawn? Uh--probably not. You'd be sleeping in (maybe), planning your day with the family, swimming, picnicking, touring the place you are visiting, taking pictures, etc.

Make your staycation as much of a family experience as possible, and as true to a real vacation as possible. Have postcards for kids to write and mail to family and friends. New pool toys, or bathing suits or even bathrobes will help make it feel like a real vacation as well. Do not let friends and others just pop in and spoil the 'vacation feeling'--after all, if you were away someplace in a hotel, chances are your neighbor would not be there, right?

Parents could get tempted to combine a staycation at home with getting some house projects done at the same time. Projects will wait though. This time is meant for special quality family time. Your kids deserve it, and so do parents.

So plan a staycation as if you really will not be available to other family members and friends, to computers and emails, to texting and phone calls, and to household projects.

Plan each day with fun events, whether it be staying at home in pajamas all day watching movies and playing games, or a day visit to an amusement park or to the beach. And don't forget to take pictures of your perfect staycation!

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@2023 HappyHealthyFamilies.com. All Rights Reserved.