The Best Artwork Ever

I love all my kids artwork. Many are framed and hung on our walls even. And of course our refrigerator does it's duty as holder of all fine drawings and paintings. I have even been known to quietly smile at the wondrous drawings my little ones have created with my walls as their canvas. I admit though that I do reward myself with a glass of wine as I congratulate myself on being a wonderful parent that supports her children's creative processes!.)Yep. We are not lacking for artwork in this house.

But I do find myself fantasizing on occasion about having true art work on crayon-less walls in our home one day. That, and maybe a couch that has never encountered a toddler gone wild with grape juice. sigh.

I can't even fathom walking through an art gallery such as the Park West Gallery which has the largest collection of fine art in the world without thinking of the dire fate that could await any purchase I make back at our house. Nope. Far too dangerous a place, our house, for beautiful art of any kind.

Ah, but I could picture myself on a cruise somewhere enjoying champagne as I bid on beautiful artwork that Park West at Sea auctions off. I mean, really, does that not sound wonderful?

One day. I am in no hurry. Cruises and fine art will wait. In the meantime they also make for some nice fantasies too. But no matter what artwork may adorn my walls someday, I already know for a fact that none could ever be more valuable to me than my children's.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.