Back To School Shopping The Endless Promotional Code Way

It is that time again. The time I always have mixed feelings about. Back to school time is here again. I always get a little sad and a little happy about this time. I mean it signals another year of my baby (not so much a baby at 11, oh well) growing up more and while that is a good thing, it makes me sad too. Sigh.

Anyway, with the return of school looming, we need to get out this week and do some serious shopping. Ugh. My daughter is happily finding clothes she wants to get, and somewhat reluctantly making her list of school supplies she needs.

Me..I am gearing up for our shopping expedition by checking for stores' deals, Endless promotional code and coupons. I intend to make this a fun day with happy results, but not a shopping trip that will leave us needing a second mortgage! So I am hitting my favorite coupon sites online and making darn sure I use coupons and take advantage of any good deals in the stores this year. I am doing this or the supplies as well as the clothes my lovely daughter has her sights on.

Hopefully we will get some great deals, have a fun mother-daughter day, and end our short summer break with smiles all the way around!

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.