Looking For Freelance Work From Home?

I know parents that stay home with their kids are often on the lookout for freelance jobs they can do from home and earn extra income with. I am always looking for ways to make money while staying home full time with my 3 kids.
Freelance Nation is a new freelance job board that offers freelance work for those looking for projects to do from home. I checked it out today and they do have a lot of projects listed. It also appears to be good for freelancers as the board uses a blind bidding system to help reduce underbidding and encourages fair pricing. And for small businesses posting projects on Freelance, Nation, they get the benefit of their project being posted for free on 119 job boards.
There is a forum for members which is good because you can get support and advice from other freelancers which is always a good thing. It seems easy enough to get started by basically creating and publishing your profile.
Stay at home mommies and daddies looking for some temporary employment may want to check out Freelance Nation and see if it could work for them.