My Movado Watch (less) Birthday

My birthday was last month. And guess what? My hubby forgot. Completely forgot. I am ok now about it, but at the time I was so mad and of course hurt that he'd forget. I know some people will say it's not that important, and others would be ready to call it quits if that happened. I was probably in the latter category for about a day. Then I just got over it for the most part, but not completely. I decided I must make him pay for the error of his ways. Can you blame me?

So this was is my plan. I want and need a new watch. I have told hubby that I will be picking out the one I want, and he can buy it for me. Now I know he is thinking I will get a nice but modest watch that fits into our budget. And I know he is relieved that I have stopped being upset about him forgetting my birthday, but wait until he sees the watch I have picked out!

I have found a watch that I truly love from the Movado collection but I also know is not something we can afford right now. But hubby is going to sweat this one out for a couple of days as I show him the picture of the I have my heart set on. He will be seriously trying to figure out how to get me this beautiful watch and make up for his snafu. I's kind of mean, but sheesh, he completely forgot!

Anyway, after watching him squirm a day or two, I'll let him know I was kidding about the Movado watches and let it go. Then we can go shopping for a watch that really fits our budget right now. And maybe some roses, Hrumph.

Too easy or too mean? Tell me what you think. Has your hubby ever forgotten your birthday? And what would you do/have done if he did?

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@2023 All Rights Reserved.