Healthy Family Meals On a Budget Your Family Will Love

Healthy Family Meals On a Budget Your Family Will Love
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Do You Believe In Spanking Your Kids?

There was a spanking debate of sorts going on at a playgroup the other day. For the most part, the moms seemed to not believe in spanking their kids at all. But there were a couple who firmly believe a good spanking on their child's bottom is a solid form of discipline that they feel really works. Then there are some of us moms that do not believe in spanking but confessed to the occasional butt swap that happens almost spontaneously when nerves have frayed beyond repair, so to speak.
I personally don't believe a child should be spanked as a consequence. I remember a childhood friend of mine being purposefully spanked by her mom as a punishment for what I don't remember, but some minor infraction I'm relatively sure. It was embarrassing for me as her friend and a kid to have to watch my friend being told to bend over so she could be spanked. I cannot imagine how humiliated my friend must have felt. From that day on I promised myself that when I became a mom I would NEVER spank my kids. But I have on occasion swatted a butt, but more out of a sense of urgency like when my now 4 year old started to dash out into the street one day when he was 3. And when I grabbed him and was shaking in my feet, I did swat his little rear end and loudly told him to never do that. Does that count as a spanking? I didn't think so, but it does make me feel badly when I think back. Anyway, I do know that never ever would I deliberately plan to spank my child, any of them, as a punishment. We do time outs, toys taken away, etc., but no spankings.
How do you feel about spanking? Yes? No? Sometimes depending on the situation? Or undecided until you have kids?