Sep 7, 2008

Feeling Sick Today....Sigh

I did not get anything accomplished today. I have the flu and my voice is almost completely gone. I know my kids are kind of enjoying mommy not being able to say much, lol, but it sure as heck is bugging me. And I need to get some stuff done--laundry for school tomorrow, lunch for school, dishes from today are sitting in my sink,and my living room floor is presently covered with assorted toys, clothing, discarded diapers my littlest guy insists on taking off every time I turn my back it seems, pillows, books and who knows what else. Ugh. I hate being sick. There is always sooo much cleaning to do when I finally feel a bit better. Oh well. I am feeling a bit better this evening, but boy would I love to just curl up in bed and watch tv while my hubby took care of the kids and the house. Sigh. That is just not going to happen so I guess I will start trying to get a few things done before I feel really bad again.

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