I'm Annoyed With Oprah Winfrey

Ack...I am really ticked off about the Oprah thing with Sarah Palin. I'm upset that Oprah would decide to not have Sarah Palin on her show --I mean how many women would want to hear more and learn more about the potential next Vice-President of the United States? I would. How obvious can Oprah be? That would be a ratings coup I'm guessing for Oprah, and yet Ms. Winfrey declines to have Ms. Palin on. Hmmm. Couldn't be that Oprah, who happens to be a strong supporter of Obama, could be reluctant to give air time to the competition, could it?
I know it is Oprah's show, and of course her right to pick guests to be on it, but this just sounds so childish and immature of Oprah. Democrat or Republican, this is undoubtedly an historic election and Oprah just seems to be acting petty. If Oprah were to have stayed completely quiet about her Presidential Election views, then it would make more sense. I could understand how she might want to stay out of the media as regards to her preferences. But Oprah didn't do that; Oprah let everyone know that she was supporting Obama, which is great. But now Oprah is looking silly and petty by reusing to have Sarah Palin on her show. I am sure heads are rolling over at Harpo Studios because this story leaked out. Wouldn't want to be in the path of hurricane Oprah right now, that's for sure.

So that's my vent for today. I humbly step down from my soap box. What do you think?
Should Oprah have had Sarah Palin on her show, or is Oprah doing the right thing by not having any candidates on until the election is over?