The Jonas Brothers

Have you been bitten by the Jonas Brothers bug in your house yet? I bet you have if you have a daughter age 9 or over. My daughter is 11 and she is crazy about these boys, particularly Nicky. If you are not familiar with the Jonas Brothers I'll fill you worries! The band consists of three brothers..Kevin Jonas, Nick Jonas (my daughter's favorite), and Joe Jonas. Think of them as something akin to the Osmond Brothers...except much cooler music. But from what I see of these brothers, they seem as polite and nice as can be. Something that makes a mom with a daughter feel better. There are many dubious contenders out there in the entertainment world that can become role models for our kids, so I'm quite happy my daughter is so enamored with The Jonas Brothers right now.
Ellen DeGeneres had the Jonas Brothers on her show the other day, and did these boys ever come across as grounded and well mannered. Their mom was there also, and she made me smile and cry at the same time when she said that sometimes as she watches her sons perform, she is remembering them running around in their diapers. Aw.

And when Ellen asked them how they stay grounded given all of their fame at such young ages, Nick Jonas, the youngest of the bunch, replied, "We're living every day as it comes and we're trying to do our our best to make our mom proud." Double aw.

So if my daughter continues to "wallpaper her room with the Jonas Brother's posters, and wants to buy every 'tween magazine out there just to get more Jonas Brother's posters, it's ok by me.