Knock Knock...It's That Time Again

Schools are all back in session, holidays are approaching, and Fall has arrived. It is time for what all parents either dread or love--school fund raisers.

We have already been getting the little knocks at the door the last week from nervously smiling children holding out the all too familiar glossy brochures. I dread this activity every year. I hate turning those eager little smiles into sad frowns, and I hate almost more digging into my wallet to buy yet another tin of candy or over-priced wrapping paper because I feel so guilty.

Not to mention that my own daughter is counting on her loyal parents to buy enough loot that she will soon be selling in order to get her to the prize level she has her sights on. Yea--buy ceramic figurines, chocolate covered peanuts and the whatnot so she can claim her prize of a glow in the dark yo-yo. Or some other such amazing toy.

By the time we get past Girl Scout Cookie season and School Fund Raisers, I either am full of guilt and am convinced I am a horrible mother, or upset with myself for spending money we certainly shouldn't be spending on some fancy foil wrapping paper that will soon end up in someone's trashcan.

How do you handle school fund raisers? Buy from every cute kid that comes knocking or stay strong and say no to that happy smiling face?

@2023 All Rights Reserved.

@2023 All Rights Reserved.